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Computer Studies O'level Revision Questions with Answers

1 Memory that is called a read write memory is
D Registers.


2 Hard discs, fixed head discs, floppy discs and optical discs all are types of
A serial access storage.
B direct access storage.
C volatile access storage.
D non-volatile access storage.

Non-volatile access storage

3 All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risks except
A viruses.
B hackers.
C spam.
D identity theft.


4 A company provides its users with a private network that can be accessed from all its
offices worldwide. This network is called
A a LAN.
B a Man.
C an Intranet.
D a WAN.

An intranet

5 Software which control general operations of a computer system is classified as
A dump programs.
B function system.
C operating system.
D enquiry system.

Operating system

6 A small network that does not have a server is called
A peer-to-peer network.
B a ring network.
C a star network .
D a bus.

Peer-to-peer network

7 Line printer, voice synthesizer and computer terminal screen are examples of
A logic circuit devices.
B analogue circuit devices.
C AND gate devices .
D output devices.

Output devices

8 Broadband network technology means
A more bits of data are transmitted per second.
B more cables are used.
C thicker cables are used.
D fibre-optic cables are used.

More bits of data are transmitted per second

9 ‘Blue tooth’ technology allows
A satellite communication.
B wireless communication between equipment.
C signal transmission on mobile phone only.
D landline phone to mobile phone communication.

Wireless communication between equipment

10 Which of the following describes someone who gains illegal access to a computer
A hacker
B intruder
C identity thief
D cyber-terrorist


11 Intellectual property rights and ___________ are two of the most important
developing areas of law.
A cyber law
B copyright infringement
C patent law
D trademark infringement

Copyright infringement

12 Related fields in a database are grouped to form a _________________
A data file.
B menu.
C bank.
D data record.

Data record

13 In database, the acronym CRUD stands for
A Create Read Update Delete.
B Create Rewrite Update Delete.
C Clean Read Update Delete.
D Create Read Update Design.

Create Read Update Delete

14 Which of the following is not true about a firewall?
A a firewall can be both hardware and software
B a firewall protects only against external threats
C an antivirus software can be part of a firewall
D a firewall protects only against internal threats

A firewall protects only against internal threats

15 The following are cybercrimes except
A spoofing.
B sniffing.
C fraud.
D spam.


16 A batch processing system is a computer system that allows
A a number of programs to be executed at apparently the same time.
B a single user at a time to use it in an interactive mode.
C two or more programs to be executed at apparently the same time.
D a user to submit the specifications of a job in advance before processing

A user to submit specifications of a job in advance before processing begins

17 Which of the following tags is used to mark the beginning of a paragraph?
A < TD >
B < br >
C < P >
D < TR >


18 The term given to a small group of bits used to represent a character is
A bits.
B bytes.
C binary characters.
D input characters.


19 Which of the following is not a fact-finding technique?
A Third party enquiry
B Interview
C Questionnaire
D Record views

20 Collection, analysis and reporting of available data for any given marketing situation
is classified as
A external databases
B out sourced databases
C marketing research
D survey research

Marketing research

21 A person who produces or creates new programs for industrial and business users is
A system analysts.
B program coordinator.
C computer coordinator.
D user interface.

System analyst

22 Solve the binary problem below:
+ 00011001
A 111111100
B 11100110
C 01111101
D 01111111

23 In a temperature control system, what represents the output of the system?
A the heating element
B the required temperature
C the heat produced by the system
D the actual temperature achieved

The actual temperature achieved

24 Stock maintaining control system in store which consists of hardware and software to
contact and manage suppliers is called
A system.
B operating system.
C component classification.
D information processing system.

Information processing system

25 101101 converted to denary is
A 44.
B 15 .
C 45.
D 46.


26 842 + 537 to binary is
A 0001 0011 0111 0101
B 0111 0011 0111 0101
C 0001 0111 0111 0101
D 0001 0011 0111 0111

27 A system that automates the drafting process with interactive computer graphics is
A computer-aided engineering (CAE).
B computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).
C computer-aided instruction (CAI).
D computer-aided design (CAD).

Computer-aided design

28 HTML stands for
A High Text Markup Language.
B Hyper Tabular Mark up Language.
C Hyper Technique Markup Language.
D Hyper Text Markup Language.

Hyper Text Markup Language

29 A variable name is also called a (n)
A placeholder.
B identifier.
C constant.
D hexadecimal.


30 When a variable is __________ it is both declared and initialized.
A set
B defined
C documented
D instantiated


31 Writing a program into a suitable language is called
A program instructions.
B program debugging.
C program testing.
D program coding.

Program coding

32 In flowcharts of algorithms, messages are classified as
A steps of algorithm.
B selection of steps.
C cancellation of procedures.
D addition of steps.

33 Which loop structure continues to execute as long as the answer to the controlling
question is yes or true?
A do ........then
B do ........when
C do ........until
D do.........while


34 A graphic representation of an algorithm which shows the order in which operations
will be performed is
A a decision table.
B a top-down chart.
C a flowchart .
D pseudocode.

A do flowchart

35 The following pseudocode is an example of a (n) __________ structure:
Get number
While number is positive
Add to sum
Get number
A sequence.
B decision.
C nested.
D loop.


36 Cost-Benefit Analysis is performed during
A analysis phase.
B design phase.
C feasibility study phase.
D maintenance phase.

37 Verification of a login name and password is known as
A configuration.
B accessibility.
C authentication.
D logging in.


38 Structured programming involves
A functional modularization.
B localization of errors.
C decentralized programming.
D stress on requirements gathering

Functional modularization

39 A relational database developer refers to a record as
A a criteria.
B a relation.
C an attribute.
D a tuple.

40 A key that consists of more than one attributes to uniquely identify rows in a table is
A composite key.
B candidate key.
C primary key.
D foreign key.

Primary key


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