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Computer Studies O'level Revision Questions with Answers

1 Memory that is called a read write memory is
D Registers.
2 Hard discs, fixed head discs, floppy discs and optical discs all are types of
A serial access storage.
B direct access storage.
C volatile access storage.
D non-volatile access storage.
Non-volatile access storage
3 All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risks except
A viruses.
B hackers.
C spam.
D identity theft.
4 A company provides its users with a private network that can be accessed from all its
offices worldwide. This network is called
A a LAN.
B a Man.
C an Intranet.
D a WAN.
An intranet
5 Software which control general operations of a computer system is classified as
A dump programs.
B function system.
C operating system.
D enquiry system.
Operating system
6 A small network that does not have a server is called
A peer-to-peer network.
B a ring network.
C a star network .
D a bus.
Peer-to-peer network
7 Line printer, voice synthesizer and computer terminal …

How to gain weight fast

A lot of information is available online on how to lose weight but not much has been written about how to gain weight. If you are one of the people who find it difficult to put on some weight read on.
I once conducted a quick search online to find out how I could gain weight since I needed to start body building exercises . The advice I got was to eat small  frequent meals per day. It did not work! For most people, another reason to add some weight besides body building is just to look good. To accomplish that you do not need a special diet.
I found that from consuming 500ml of soda daily I exponentially increased my weight without greatly changing my diet. You can try it as well and see if it works for you.

Zimsec Combined Science Revision Questions with Answers

This is an interactive revision session. It is a sample of the combined science paper 1 issued by Zimsec in 2018.
1 Which instrument is most suitable for observing specialised cells?
A microscope
B telescope
C bioviewer
D magnifying lens microscope

2 The diagram shows a specialised cell.
What is the name of the cell?
A muscle cell
B palisade cell
C root hair cell
D red blood cell
3 Which adaptation of a leaf does not increase the rate of photosynthesis?
A air spaces
B thick cuticle
C numerous stomata
D large surface area
4 Which atmospheric condition reduces the rate of water uptake in plants?
A high humidity
B high wind speed
C high temperature
D high light intensity
high humidity 5 A wind pollinated flower
A has short filaments.
B has large petals.
C has numerous pollen grains.
D produces nectar.
6 Ebola is caused by a
A bacterium.
B fungus.
C protozoan.
D virus.
virus 7 Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to
A emphysema.
B hallucinations.
C lung ca…

Pasa| Study for your O'Level Exams and Pass Online

Pasa is a studious app which is available as a web app at for now and will soon be launched as an Android app.
Pasa is derived from the word pass. The startup is a brain child of a Zimbabwean multimedia technology student. Checkout the sample o'level  science revision questions below.  For more subjects- maths, physics and chemistry- visit O'level MPC


1. What waste product of respiration causes muscle tiredness?
Carbon dioxide
Lactic acid
Lactic Acid 2. Which of diffusion, osmosis or active transport requires energy?
Active transport
Active transport 3. Which food type provides most of our energy?
Carbohydrates 4. The aorta is one of the blood vessels carrying blood away from the heart. Is it an artery or vein?
Artery 5. Which of the following is an enzyme?
Hydrochloric acid
Protease Submit

To access a complete combined science sample question paper (40 ques…

What you need to know about Plumtree from a local guide

Plumtree is a town in the the south western part of Zimbabwe. It is located 10 km away from the border with Botswana. It is a small town with a few services available, most people have to go to a nearby city, Bulawayo, to access certain services. The following are answers to some questions which people visiting the town might want to know.
What is the perfect rondezvous spot?
Each and every town has some spots where people meet. Usually these are easily identifiable buildings so that someone new to the place can not get lost. The place should also be comfortable for someone to spend some several minutes while waiting to meet someone. Plumtree has such a places too namely Nhungamili Center and Petroltrade.

Which place has the best food?
There are several places which make great cuisine and these include Kombani Lodge, Greens Supermarket, Jaival Foods and Chicken King. The best is Kombani Lodge when it comes to quality but if price is concerned, Greens Supermarket has the most affordable…

Storm in Plumtree almost destroyed homes

There was a storm on the 8th of January 2020 in Plumtree, Zimbabwe. It nearly destroyed houses including my home. The wind was very strong and it caused trees to fall and nearly crushed some buildings. The following pictures were taken soon after the storm.

Hide your phone recordings from music players

Have you ever played music loudly from your phone and out of the blues you start to hear a call recording you made sometime ago. The conversation was supposed to be private and suddenly a lot of people heard it loud and clearly from your bluetooth speakers. It is embarrassing, isn't it?

Instead of deleting your recordings to avoid embarrassment you can simply tell the music players not to show or even play your recordings. I am a song writer and whenever I get inspired I compose a song usually by singing out a few words loudly which then form a basis for my composition. I can not do without a sound recorder on my phone. But since the songs would be unpolished, I need to keep them from the public to avoid unnecessary criticism on something I might eventually choose to discard later.
ES file explorer makes the process of hiding your private files easy. Simply open the file manager and head to the recordings folder and click the menu button and select the create file option. Name t…

The best energy drink on the Zimbabwean market

I have tried several energy drinks that are available on the market so far and there is one that has now become my favourite. It is tasty and refreshing as well as affordable in comparison to what is on the market.
In most shops in Zimbabwe, you can choose from a variety of energy drinks namely, dragon, switch, sting and red bull. My favourite is the sting! It is by far the best product that the makers of Pepsi have come up with to date.

According to the description on the package the sting energy drink is a "caffeinated mixed fruit flavoured carbonated energy drink". It contains B vitamins and taurine. The fruity flavour comes from redberry and pineapple. Like most Pepsi drinks it contains non nutritive sweeteners but there is also some sugar I believe which makes the drink tastier.
Sting also comes in 330ml cans unlike most energy drinks which are package in 500ml containers. The price is amazing as it is lower than most canned drinks. Maybe it is because of Pepsi'…

Why Zimbabweans buy fuel from the black market

Many Zimbabweans turn to the black market when they need fuel for their cars. I sought to find out why considering that the prices on the black market are actually higher than on the formal market.
Fuel is sometimes scarce in Zimbabwe and when it is available one has to get into a huge que and wait for hours at a fuel service station before buying the fuel. In huge cities like Harare and Bulawayo, one has to ask around for information on the availability of fuel and may have to travel long distances to find  . the fuel. To avoid disappointment and inconvenience, most people prefer buying the fuel from the black market. That is not the only reason though.
Zimbabwe uses blended petrol. The fuel can be leaded or unleaded but it will definitely be a blend of ethanol and petrol. Many drivers believe that blended petrol does not last as much as pure petrol and that is the main reason why they would rather pay a higher amount of money for fuel on the black market.

Why you should install a mobile tracker

A mobile tracker can increase your chances of recovering your phone if you lose it. Most phones now come with a mobile tracking feature. I shall show you how to turn the feature on as well as explain the logic behind the mobile tracker.
To turn on mobile tracking, go to call settings from the phone app and select mobile tracker. Enter device password and set the your phone number. When you lose your phone you can send SMS commands to your number. The command can be to lock the phone or to wipe data completely.

If someone steals your phone you will receive an SMS on your number with details about your phone's location and the phone number of the new SIM card. This can help you locate and recover your phone.