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Advice to Teachers conducting lessons remotely

A lot of WhatsApp groups for delivering tutorials have surfaced recently in the wake of the corona virus pandemic.  This was necessitated by the need to mitigate the effects of keeping schools closed for an extended period of time. Most students were falling behind on their studies before the mushrooming of such WhatsApp groups.
E-learning is not a new phenomenon to Zimbabwe but measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 ,like lockdown and minimizing of gatherings , have seen an upsurge in the number of tutors embracing the internet as a mode of delivering lessons. This article will look at the best  platforms available which teachers can use in their endeavor to continue educating people in these trying times.
In the Zimbabwean context, WhatsApp is likely the first option which comes to many people's minds when they think of distance learning solutions. This is mainly due to the great number of users on the platform. Many, if not all, smartphone owners have WhatsApp installed and also…

Translating text on WhatsApp is now easier

Any communication channel has barriers which can affect it. Language can be one of them, however this should no longer be the case nowadays especially on social media platforms. In this post I will show you how to translate text in WhatsApp.
Using the WhatsApp Translator

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This is how you should be recording phone calls

How does it feel to know that your call is being recorded? Most people hate to have their calls recorded. However, there are some instances where by call recording is necessary. A verbal agreement for example, might one day be needed to be proven in court. If you have ever taken instructions from the boss over the phone you know that the fear of failing to completely follow all the instructions can actually make you forget some of the instructions. A recorded call can come in handy in such scenarios. So how should you record calls automatically?
The above video will help you set up call recording in a few seconds. In case you can not play the video then here are the steps you should take: 1. Go to the phone app  2. Click the menu button, usually three vertical dots on.
3. Select settings.
4. Choose call recording.
5. Turn it on.

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Recent Work

The following is a gallery of some of the pictures I took recently. My high resolution photos can be downloaded for free on Pexels or on Unsplash. If there is a particular image you want from this blog which is not available on Pexels or Unsplash get in touch with me via Email.


The ZED iLife Smartwatch

I had always wanted to own a smartwatch but the exorbitant prices deterred me. The idea of pairing a smart watch with my phone thrilled me. I finally got my first smart watch as a freebie when I bought an Ilife tablet which was on promotion in Francistown, Botswana. 

The Ilife Zed smartwatch looks like any ordinary digital watch. It has a USB-C port and a lion rechargeable battery. It also has a slot for a micro SIM card and supports an SD card of up to 32GB. It functions basically like most feature phones on the market except that it does not have a camera. One thing that I enjoyed using was the pedometer. It counts the number of steps taken per day and even converts it to distance in kilometers. When the smart watch is pair to a phone with a FunRun app installed, it downloads all the data to the phone. This is a great feature for those who run or do brisk walking to keep fit. I found making or answering a phone call awkward but it comes in handy when your phone's battery dies…