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What food do most Zimbabweans buy when they are on a date?

Dating in Zimbabwe might be slightly different from other parts of the western world. First a boy proposes love to a girl and they only go out on a date after the girl accepts the proposal. This article is about the type of food which most people buy when they go out on a date.

Rarely do dating couples go to a restaurant for lunch or dinner, except the rich in society who tend to follow the western culture more than the local  traditions. When lovers go out on a date they usually buy fast foods.

The  most popular fast foods are fresh chips and chicken. The drink of choice is usually a soft drink. Those with more money to spend usually go for pizza and fruit juices.

Zimbabwe is a cattle country

What is Zimbabwe? That question frequently appears in the eight minute exam which  is taken  by those who would have applied for a provisional driver's license in Zimbabwe. The answer is simple, cattle country!
Indeed Zimbabwe is a cattle country. When you visit the town of Plumtree at the South Western part of Zimbabwe you will concur. Cattle will be moving in town knocking off refuse bins in search of food or they will be grazing near the roads thereby posing a risk to motorists.
Scarcity of grazing pastures and lack of water in the rural areas of Plumtree has led most cattle owners to let their cattle roam freely in town. Luckily, there are no cattle rustlers in the area. The only challenge is the rising number of accidents due to cattle on the roads. Driver's should always remember what Zimbabwe is when they travel through Plumtree.

A lot of drama for a small town like Plumtree

Plumtree's firebrigade members will always remember the day two vehicles caught fire a few minutes apart within a 2km  radius. I was cutting grass in the backyard in Hebron, a suburb in Plumtree, when I heard an explosion. I did not pay attention as explosions like that are not unsual especially in towns where contraction work is always ongoing.

My daughter, Tiffany, was playing near the gate and she came running to me and said there was a car burning along the road nearby. I rushed and saw a ball of fire. The car was engulfed in flames. Within a few minutes, the firebrigade team arrived and doused the fire. Nothing could be salvaged, the car had already been reduced to a shell.

I then went back home and continued cutting grass. I then heard sirens whirling and I thought the firebrigade team was now leaving the scene of the fire incident. It did not occur to me that they were indeed leaving the scene but to attend to another fire incident! It was after I heard another explosion a…

What is it like to run for 20km for the first time?

The first time I ran a distance of twenty kilometers was during training as a police officer. We would wake up every morning at around 5 am and go for a road run. We ran for 10 km away before turning back to complete the 20km road run.
I was not using to run every morning. The first time was challenging. I did not know if I could make it and I was also afraid of failing. I could already imagine my fellow trainees laughing at me. I was slim and tall. Most people would think I was frail. I wanted to prove them wrong. I accepted the fact that I was extremely thin and I liked to think of myself as feisty.
"Fall in!",  someone shouted repeatedly. It was an instruction for all recruits in the barracks to assemble at Hard Square. I quickly got out of bed and put on sports attire before heading to the assembly point.
My gums got sore it was as if I was bleeding. I sweated profusely and the sweat dried out to live a white residue on my caramel skin. I managed to be third from las…

This is why your Econet data bundles seem to vanish quickly

A lot of people believe that their Econet data bundles deplete at a rate which is faster than data from other  ISPs in Zimbabwe. Is that a myth or a fact? I set to find out the truth and I came up with an answer.

First I should admit that I once concurred with the majority who say that Econet bundles just vanish when you least expect it. My preference has not changed after the research, it still remains the same even though I still use Econet bundles now and then. However, the findings will vilify the ISP. The reason why I still prefer NetOne data bundles is because they are activated instantly, no need to wait for a few minutes or to reboot your phone. Although purchasing the bundles using mobile banking sometimes fails.

The following reasons are why your Econet bundles seem to disappear quickly. One of the reasons is that you might not have turned off auto update in Google play store or you might not have used data bundles for a long time and the moment you activate data Tere will …

Translating text on WhatsApp is now easier

Any communication channel has barriers which can affect it. Language can be one of them, however this should no longer be the case nowadays especially on social media platforms. In this post I will show you how to translate text in WhatsApp.
Using the WhatsApp Translator

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This is how you should be recording phone calls

How does it feel to know that your call is being recorded? Most people hate to have their calls recorded. However, there are some instances where by call recording is necessary. A verbal agreement for example, might one day be needed to be proven in court. If you have ever taken instructions from the boss over the phone you know that the fear of failing to completely follow all the instructions can actually make you forget some of the instructions. A recorded call can come in handy in such scenarios. So how should you record calls automatically?
The above video will help you set up call recording in a few seconds. In case you can not play the video then here are the steps you should take: 1. Go to the phone app  2. Click the menu button, usually three vertical dots on.
3. Select settings.
4. Choose call recording.
5. Turn it on.

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Recent Work

The following is a gallery of some of the pictures I took recently. My high resolution photos can be downloaded for free on Pexels or on Unsplash. If there is a particular image you want from this blog which is not available on Pexels or Unsplash get in touch with me via Email.


Biggie The Sniffer Dog

There are lot of styles of photography and most photographers specialize in at least one style. I enjoy taking candid photos and that is why my forte is photojournalism. I have just ventured into pet photography.
Since I am a dog trainer/handler I feel obliged to do pet photography. The following are pictures of my drug detector dog, Biggie. He is a Belgian Malinois and is very good at scent discrimination. I hope to one day do wildlife photography and taking photos of pets is a good way to practice.
Down Position

Sitting Position


Solutions to powercuts and water crisis

Plumtree residents frequently go for several days without water or electricity. This is not perculiar to Zimbabwe alone but to most countries in Africa. Experts say eratic rainfall which culminate in water shortage is due to climate change. Global warming is a major factor drought and heat waves.

Even though there is a crisis, there are some solutions which can be used to alleviate some of the problems bedeviling Zimbabweans and Africans akike.  Water harvesting, for example, can be a temporary solution for shortage of water for household use  during this rainy season.

The use of solar lights can alleviate blackouts and save on the electricity bill.

Water shortages in Plumtree

Plumtree, a town in Zimbabwe near the Botswana border has gone for a week without water. People are fetching water for household use from puddles of water.

The situation poses a health risk to the Plumtree residents. Electricity cut outs sometimes causes the water shortages and there have also been reports of people in the nearby rural areas who temper with the water pipes to provide water to their cattle and other domestic animals.

My First Smartwatch

I had always wanted to own a smartwatch but the exorbitant prices deterred me. The idea of pairing a smart watch with my phone thrilled me. I finally got my first smart watch as a freebie when I bought an Ilife tablet which was on promotion in Francistown, Botswana. 

The Ilife Zed smartwatch looks like any ordinary digital watch. It has a USB-C port and a lion rechargeable battery. It also has a slot for a micro SIM card and supports an SD card of up to 32GB. It functions basically like most feature phones on the market except that it does not have a camera. One thing that I enjoyed using was the pedometer. It counts the number of steps taken per day and even converts it to distance in kilometers. When the smart watch is pair to a phone with a FunRun app installed, it downloads all the data to the phone. This is a great feature for those who run or do brisk walking to keep fit. I found making or answering a phone call awkward but it comes in handy when your phone's battery dies…