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A Comparison between a German Shepherd and a Belgian Shepherd

While I was working as a police officer I had an opportunity to train and work with an Alsatian or German Shepherd Dog (GSD). They look vicious because of their pixie ears. They are good for use as drug dogs or patrol dogs. They can weigh above 30kg and can be quite huge in comparison to most dog breeds. I remember seeing a Malinois or Belgian Shepherd Dog (BSD) on a TV show and I wished I could one day own that kind of dog. I eventually had an opportunity to train as well as handle a BSD and now I am ready to give a comparison between the two.

Food Rations
GSDs require slightly more rations than BSDs to keep nourished. Malinois can destroy empty food bowels so ensure you remove them soon after they finish eating.

They are at par, however BSDs move with great speed and are a marvel to watch when they are working.

Alsatians are outdone by BSDs in this category. GSDs also usually suffer from hip dysplasia and so you have to be careful when doing agility exercises.

They both are vicious breeds and their body sizes act in their favour. A GSDs huge body size is naturally intimidating while the small stature of a BSD makes it move faster as well as to be more agile which is a major advantage when attacking prey.

Most people I have interacted with feel an alsatian is more cute and better as a pet than a Malinois.


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Privacy Policy Effective date: April 04, 2019

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