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Who is your real enemy?

Some people need to make enemies  first before they can work towards thier success in life. In other words when they become successful it would be because they worked hard in a bid to spite someone. Is that philosophy necessary? If you look into such people's stories you are likely to see that their real enemies were not the people they thought they were fighting against but something else like a low self esteem or poverty. This article helps you to know who your real enemy is.

Consider a child growing up in a poor family. The parents might be frugal in order to make ends meet. Therefore if the child requests for something that might be deemed by the parents as not a priority he or she is likely not to get it. Some children who have faith in their parents will understand  the situation and resolve to  work hard so that when they grow up they will be able to provide everything for themselves as well as their parents. There are some undiscerning  children who would consider they parents as oppressive and aim to free themselves one-day. Such children fail to understand that their enemy is not their parents but poverty.

Another scenario is of a married couple. The husband might be the sole bread winner of the family and as such will most of the time be thrifty. If the wife has poor judgement, she might start to view her husband a nemesis. Such women will start working hard in a bid to emancipate themselves from their "evil" husbands. If they become successful they will never give credit to their husbands even if they were at one point given support, whether financially or by way of motivation. I am not denying the fact that there are some husbands who abuse their wives economically but most of the time poverty is the number one enemy.

The last illustration that I will give is about someone who is shy and reclusive. The person is not likely to be chosen to lead a group. It is human nature that most leaders are orators and team builders therefore to become one you should be comfortable speaking in front of the public and be able to forge new connections as well as be able to coordinate activities. The shy person might not take it likely if people do not choose him or her for a particular role. However, instead of considering the people who did not see your inner qualities as enemies, a wise person will start working on improving thier self esteem so that their light can start shining for everyone to see. I do not believe there is anything like natural hatrage. It is all about our first impression. We are our own worst enemies at times.

To conclude, I believe that you should not pick a fight with anybody. Introspect to have an insight on what your real enemy is. Rather than declaring war against other people, you should always be loving and caring as much as you are ambitious. The goals  you set in life must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound.


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