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What is my Niche?

Welcome to my  content hub! In This post I answer the question about what my niche is. This will give you a clue on what topics to expect on this  blog. It  can also help you navigate my blog so that you can easily access topics that tickle your fancy. I have included links which you can follow with ease.

Every blogger has or should have a niche or a subject to focus on. I also have a particular subject that I frequently write about. Before I tell you, I think it is important for you to know what makes me enjoy blogging in the first place? This question can help you understand where I draw my strengths and how I create content for this blog or curate content for social media.

Digital marketing , It helped me a lot. I am mostly fascinated with one particular aspect of digital marketing which is content marketing. This led me to study multimedia technology , content is King.  it made me enjoy blogging. Any other skills that  I have only help me be a better digital marketer. Therefore I occasionally write about that topic to share ideas with fellow and aspiring bloggers.

Top 3 of my Articles on Digital Marketing.
1.How to Make Money from Home in Zimbabwe.
2. Is it Possible to Get AdSense Approval on Blogger?
3. A Secret Weapon in My Digital Marketing Asernal

Web development, as a full stack web developer I also write about software development and can  comment on  related topics  in the news of the day on  social media

Top 3 of my Articles on Web Development.
1.The Domain Name Which Changed My Life.
2.Which Web Hosting Service Do I Recommend?
3.How to add an Email Subscription Button on Your Site.

Photography, as a qualified photographer or photojournalist I sometimes write about how to take photographs.

Top 3 of my Articles on Photography.
1. Use Grey Cards to Get The Correct Exposure.
2. Alternatives to a Tripod- Canon DSLR cameras.
3. Styles of Photography and When To Use Them.

Dogs. I have spent many years working as a dog trainer or handler. I occasionally write about dog breeds or any topic related to canines. I have worked with patrol dogs and drug dogs.

Technology. This is my personal blog and as such I write about my personal experiences most of the time . As  a technology enthusiast I write a lot of technology stuff like reviews of apps and any other technologies which I have used.

Top 3 of my Articles on Technology.
1. Google Direct Link Generator.
2. How to Cast from your Phone to a Roku Device.
3. How to Use an Electric Iron When Off the Grid.

In 2011, I once tried my hand on music. I am a songwriter and I like any good music. I have so far recorded five songs and hoping to shoot some videos in the future. I occasionally write about music on this blog.

Multimedia Technology
Technology is a broad subject and to find my niche I had to look at my other talents. I realised that I'm also into art, considering that I am a qualified photographer and I also recorded some songs. This prompted me to narrow down my blogging to anything that has to do with a combination of audio, text, video and images- that is Multimedia. 

In multimedia I post about latest animation films, photography, videography and web development. That is my niche.


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I can code in several languages though I specialize in full stack web development thanks to Econet Zimbabwe.

During the  days when I started writing code in early 2014 I visited the Econet Zimbabwe website and found that they had some zero rated websites. This meant that, as an econet subscriber, I could access some sites for free without the need to buy any internet bundles.

The zero rated content was arranged into different categories and I headed to the education section where I started reading articles on coding. I enjoyed the tutorials titled "Learn Python The Hard Way". I followed most if not all the instructions on a PC I had assembled by myself. I became proficient in coding in Python.

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