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Ways of Increasing Traffic to Your Website

Organic Traffic
First and foremost, your site should be indexed by search engines so that it can start appearing on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). For your site to be quickly indexed you need to submit a site map to each of the major Search Engines like Google, Binge and Yandex. Do not worry about Yahoo as it is a meta search engine which means that it uses other search engines to provide search results. Yahoo has its own website crawlers but it supplements that with the Binge search engine. Therefore submitting a site map to Binge will make your website to also appear on Yahoo SERP.
Create and curate content for social media which can grow your brand as well drive traffic to your website. You need a social media strategy in order to be effective. This might include a Social Media Management tool and a buyer persona. The first one will help you schedule posts and the latter guides you in posting content which is relevant to your audience.
You can also create back links by engaging other players who might benefit from your content. This is another way of generating leads. A simple way of creating back links is to write on platforms like Quora  and take that opportunity to add links to your website. You must do it wisely or else your links might be flagged as spam. 
Paid Search
You can also take advantage of Seach Engine Marketing (SEM) to increase traffic to your site as well as increase your brand awareness. To use SEM effectively you need to master AdWords. Choose keywords which are relevant to your landing page so that you offer value to visitors of your site.


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