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Top 20 essential websites in Zimbabwe

There are quite a number of websites with valuable content for users. I have compiled a list of the websites in this article. This is where most Zimbabweans get job alerts. Some users are in WhatsApp groups which are run by administrators of the site. This is a website designed for high school students. It has past exam papers and notes for most subjects. The site is promising to be the best among educational portals in Zimbabwe. The content is currently available for free. The creator of the content is an accountant by profession and therefore is not surprising to find that commercial subjects are updated first. The Zimbabwean Wikipedia. It is great for using as a research platform when writing articles. It is quite a great initiative and is an example of how people are now using technology to provide solutions to local problems. This is a great platform for local arts news. The site received an award in the blogging sphere. I believe that more content on the arts sector will continue to be provided on this website. If you ever need to buy a domain name ending in "" then this is the site to go to. Their prices are affordable compared to other service providers in Zimbabwe. The registration service is simple and super fast. They use local payment solutions mentioned in the following paragraph. This website provide convenience in buying especially WiFi hotspot vouchers. The service is offered by the same company which runs If you are a startup or an established business providing services online, you can use PayNow as a payment system. People can use ZIPIT or Ecocash to make payments. This is an epitome of technology innovation at it's best.

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