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Photography Styles

There are quite a number of styles of photography which one can explore. I would like to share a few of them and the main techniques they use.

Macro photography. It is used to take life size or greater than life sizes images of small objects like insects. It is also used for taking photographs of products which is a lucrative business and is also important to master if you need to succeed in e-commerce. There is a phenomenon known as focus breathing and also blurring of some parts of an image taken  using a macro lens. To fix that  one has to take multiple shots and overlay them in a photo editing software to come up with a perfect image.
Street Photography. This is accomplished by taking candid or unposed photos of people, usually strangers, often while they are  unaware on the streets. Tourist do the same with ease, however, for a local it might be challenging as not all people enjoy having their photos taken without permission. Therefore, to avoid being shouted at, street photographers wear earphones and pretend not to be listening.
Photojournalism. It is also a style of photography which involves telling news in pictures. It is quite similar to street photography. The technique employed is simple, one has to know what news as well as the ethics and laws of the community he or she will be operating in.
Architecture photography. This is when a photographer takes pictures of buildings, either the outside or the interior. A technique that has to be mastered is High Dynamic Range (HDR).
The list is huge, if you have more photography styles to share, kindly leave a comment.


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