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Limitations of the Internet, A Zimbabwean Perspective

Internet has its pros and cons. This article is about the disadsvantages or limitations of the internet in a Zimbabwean context.
Language. English is the main language of the internet. Zimbabweans are ranked as one of the nations with the highest literacy rates. However, the thrill of reading articles in your own vernacular language can not be compared to anything else.
Unfiltered content. There is fake news being peddled on the internet. The amount of rumours and speculation makes it difficult to to know what to believe. There is uncensored content like violence and pornography as well which can cause moral degradation. Teenagers who are still in school are now attending to Vuzu parties where they get involved in group sex and take drugs. This behavior is said to have emanated from South Africa. Internet can speed up such cultural interchange which can be detrimental to a society.
Broadband and Dial Up. The internet speeds range from very low to high. Some parts of Zimbabwe can not access the internet at all. There is congestion at certain hours of the day and this is frustrating. It can make accessing the internet a challenge.
Security. Hacking is not a major concern in Zimbabwe. However, some people have fallen prey to  fraudsters on the internet. Spammers are also on the prowl.
Policing. Although there are some laws which govern the use of the internet, people still feel that something needs to be done. We have heard stories of cyber bullying and of people who have had their sex tapes and nudes leaked online.Such people need to be protected.
To conclude, the internet has a lot of advantages which outweigh the disadsvantages. However, for one to be able to enjoy using the internet one has to know the dangers which lurk online.


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