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How To List Your Business Online

Have you created an online strategy yet? If yes, I bet listing your business is among some of your top priorities as an online presence is essential for any business to thrive in this digital era. In this article I will show you how to list your business in a few minutes. But before I do that, let me delve into the advantages first.

I will give a few examples of some of the benefits of listing your business starting with touch points.

Increase in Touch Points. You create more touch points or chance of people interacting with you business. This also means an increase in lead generation

Convenience to Existing Customers.  Technology makes our lives easier. By embracing technology as a business, you tend to bring convenience to your customers. This improves customer retention. Satisfied customers are likely to recommend your services or products by word of mouth (WOM).

Cutting down on Expenses. The traditional form of advertising is more expensive than digital marketing. There by listing your business online you cut down on costs in advertising

How to list your business

 Google my Business

Local business listing

The opportunities that are unlocked just by listing your business are worth tapping into. A comprehensive online strategy must include online business listing. It helps both the consumer and the business.


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