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Google Drive Direct Link Generator

Google Drive Direct Link Generator

Do you have any files on Google Drive that you would like to share with others so that they can easily download them? We all know that if you share a file from Google Drive the person you send the link to can not directly download the file. The file first opens in Google Drive before and then one has to click on the option to download. Follow the instructions below on how to make any file saved on Google Drive downloadable by just clicking on a link.


Step 1 You must have a file saved on Google Drive. If you do not have it yet then upload a file to Google Drive.
Upload a file to Google Drive

Step 2 Click on the file you have uploaded on Google drive and turn on link sharing.

Link sharing off  

Link sharing on

Step 3 Now edit permissions on the link sharing so anyone with the link can view.

Step 4 Now go on to the file and click. An option to copy the file's link will appear. Copy the link.

Step 5 Now go and paste the link into the above link generator and click the generate button.

A new link which makes your file downloadable will appear. Copy it and anyone with the link will now be able to directly download the file.

Pictures used in the instructions above may differ depending on the device or version of Google Drive you are using. We do not save any of your files or links here. Read our privacy policy for more information.

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