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Every Dating App Should Have These Features

A lot of people visit online dating sites in Zimbabwe to find potential suitors. However, there is an inherent risk of being duped or opening doors to spammers. Some people have a negative view on dating sites and as such completely stay away from them. They believe the sites promote immoral behavior. This article is to help those who would like to try the dating sites to find real love , to do so securely without compromising their privacy.

I have compiled a list of features which I feel are required to protect users of dating apps from bad elements of society.

  1. A profile verification- The profile pictures need to be verified to eliminate catfishers. This is usually done by uploading a picture of the user after following certain instructions on how to pose for the photo.
  2. Nude Photo Detection- This is essential in preventing the uploading of nude pictures. Some users, especially men, bombard women with such pictures and this is totally uncalled for. 
  3. Dirty Talk Detection- some users enjoy posting lewd stuff. This is harassment to someone who did not invite such jokes. Some platforms already block offensive language. 
  4. Location Feature- this helps in letting people connect with nearby people. Long distance relationships usually fail and make one susceptible to spammers. 
  5. Video Call Feature - it allows a users to see their matches live and therefore verify by themselves the authenticity of other users they will be interacting with. 
To avoid being duped, stay away from apps or sites which do not have most if not all of the above-mentioned features. 


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