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Alternative to a tripod- canon DSLR cameras

There are times when we have to use a slow shutter speed when taking photographs. However, we might end up with blurry images if we do no use the appropriate equipment. In this article I write about two alternatives which you can adopt.

When should you use a tripod? If your shutter speed is greater than 2 seconds you should use a tripod as camera shake is then likely to occur no matter how steady you hold the camera. Another way to know if you are likely to experience camera shake is to check the focal length of your lense. If the focal length is say 55mm then you should keep your shutter speed less than 1/55 seconds. It is just a rough estimate and if you can keep even less it will be ideal. The following are alternatives to a tripod.

Remote trigger. You can opt for a remote trigger. Place your camera on a flat surface facing the subject. Make all the necessary adjustments in terms of aperture, ISO and shutter speed etc,  on the  camera and compose your image. When satisfied plug in the remote trigger and use it to take the photograph.

Canon Camera Connect. This is a mobile app for Canon DSLR cameras which allows you to transfer images from your camera to a phone. The most important feature of this app is the ability to take images remotely on your DSLR camera. This is a perfect alternative to a tripod as you can adjust the exposure ,camera mode and other settings using the app before taking a photograph. You do not necessarily need a flat surface to use your camera withe app. You can still avoid camera shake by dangling your camera from your neck using the camera strap. This technique also works for street photography or anywhere were you might want to take photos discreetly.

I hope this post will help you overcome camera shake and if you have any questions or a contribution to make, please leave a comment.


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