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A Comparison Of Twitter and Facebook Usage In Zimbabwe

Twitter and Facebook are some of the most popular social platforms in Zimbabwe. Having used both platforms for some time, I noted a difference in users of the apps. I will tell you my observations which I believe digital marketers and start-ups in Zimbabwe will find helpful.

It is imperative when you want to create an online strategy, to know which platform to choose in order to reach out to your intended audience. If you do not already have a presence on social media - this article, I hope, will help you make a better decision. By this stage, I believe you have already created a buyer persona and you know your target audience but you now want to enter the Zimbabwean market or you are already running a successful business in Zimbabwe but you want to have a presence on social media. Only growth hackers in the digital marketing realm are allowed to act without being data-driven as they will be experimenting to find out what works best for their organization.

Facebook has more users globally than Twitter and this is also the same in Zimbabwe. However,  there is a clear distinction between the users of each platform.

Geographic location: the platform is used nationwide.

Age: I believe the statistics which state that most Facebook users are between the ages of 25 and 34 are valid in Zimbabwe. When I used to run campaigns on the platform, I would get the most out of my budget by selecting that age range.

Behaviour: A majority of low-income earners and those who are not much educated are found on Facebook in Zimbabwe. The users are eager to follow new pages which tickle their fancy. However, their choice for Facebook is mainly because of the data bundles for this platform and the fact that Facebook as a search engine has become an affordable source of information. Since most of the users are low-income workers they rarely click on links which take them away from the Facebook platform except when they are at work, that is when some of them can access the internet using computers at their workplaces. Some can also use free WiFi during breaks and lunch. You therefore should not expect to generate many leads in the form of traffic to your website from Facebook in Zimbabwe.

Twitter does not have as many users as Facebook.

Geographic location: users are mostly found in big towns and cities namely,  Harare, Bulawayo,  Mutare, Gweru, Chitungwiza and Masvingo.

Age: All age groups from teenagers to mature adults

Behaviour: The majority of Twitter users are students in universities, business people and budding entrepreneurs. Generally, most of them are learned. They can afford bundles and enjoy leading private lives. If you want to generate leads, this is the platform to use.


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