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Find Bible Based Advice Using My Custom Search

Xhort  is our customized search engine . This is where you can safely dig up information about any topic in life and find out answers that are based on truth from the bible. You might want to exhort a fellow Christian or a workmate or just to find comfort during trying times then Xhort is the right place to find a wealth of spiritually uplifting articles. Do not to be led astray in this world full of greed,  search safely.

Google Drive Direct Link Generator

Google Drive Direct Link Generator

Do you have any files on Google Drive that you would like to share with others so that they can easily download them? We all know that if you share a file from Google Drive the person you send the link to can not directly download the file. The file first opens in Google Drive before and then one has to click on the option to download. Follow the instructions below on how to make any file saved on Google Drive downloadable by just clicking on a link.


Step 1 You must have a file saved on Google Drive. If you do not have it yet then upload a file to Google Drive.

Step 2 Click on the file you have uploaded on Google drive and turn on link sharing.

Step 3 Now edit permissions on the link sharing so anyone with the link can view.

Step 4 Now go on to the file and click. An option to copy the file's link will appear. Copy the link.

Step 5 Now go and paste the link into the above link generator and click the generate button.

A new l…

Computer Programming, how to get started.

Writing a computer program is basically known as writing code by geeks, computer nerds or whatever you like to call them. I am a technology enthusiast with about five years experience in writing code just for fun and I know the challenges that beginners can face and how to overcome them. Let me start with the FAQs, frequently asked questions.

Do I need to be good in mathematics to do computer programming? The answer is a resounding NO. Your knowledge of mathematics should tally with the level of calculation if any, that your application is expected to carry out. A program to calculate BMI ratio (body to mass index ratio)  only needs the basics that is multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. A program like a cockpit simulator might need advanced mathematical principles and most coders rarely find themselves working in such projects. Coders are basically self-taught and do not need a formal education.

Which language is good for beginners? Most people online believe Python is a…

A Comparison Of Twitter and Facebook Usage In Zimbabwe

Twitter and Facebook are some of the most popular social platforms in Zimbabwe. Having used both platforms for some time, I noted a difference in users of the apps. I will tell you my observations which I believe digital marketers and start-ups in Zimbabwe will find helpful.

It is imperative when you want to create an online strategy, to know which platform to choose in order to reach out to your intended audience. If you do not already have a presence on social media - this article, I hope, will help you make a better decision. By this stage, I believe you have already created a buyer persona and you know your target audience but you now want to enter the Zimbabwean market or you are already running a successful business in Zimbabwe but you want to have a presence on social media. Only growth hackers in the digital marketing realm are allowed to act without being data-driven as they will be experimenting to find out what works best for their organization.

Facebook has more users glob…

How to write and compile code as well as to publish android apps on a smartphone.

Getting Started
There is a guide which I recommend that you read first. It contains a list of all the resources you might need in developing android applications on smartphones. Some of the resources are required for accessing the full course content or for one to be able to carry out practicals as well as for providing the means to interact with the tutor. However, if you want to jump into the course click here.

Prior knowledge of how to develop simple android applications is an advantage as this course mainly focuses on how to use smartphones in the development process and therefore does not dwell much on teaching an in-depth knowledge of how to create different types of Android apps. However, if you are totally new to Android development you can still be able to learn how to write code and complete this tutorial at the same time by reading Java for Dummies and Android development for Dummies. How lessons will be conducted
The tutorial is self paced and most of the learn…

Introduction to Android Development Using Smartphones

Meet the Instructor Welcome to the Android development tutorial! My name is Stewart Mukonzi. I blog about mobile apps which are best for writing and compiling code on smartphones. I also conduct tutorials on how to use those apps as well as carry out research on online tools which are required in the development of apps on mobile devices. I eandevour to help aspiring coders,  especially in marginalised communities, to successfully develop and publish their  apps. I shall be posting  on this blog frequently on various topics on the subject of developing android applications using just a smartphone. Video tutorials  can be accessed for free on my YouTube channel which is Coding OTG. You are free to visit my profile to learn more about me, the instructor. Basically I started coding in 2014. At first my knowledge of coding was acquired from being self-taught before I enrolled into an online course.  Why learn to code using a smartphone? The advantages of coding using a mobile device are mo…