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Mxq pro 4k review

Android 7.1.2 Nougat
16GB storage
CPU ...
Graphics ... (update) The Mxq pro 4k device functions flowlessly in most cases. If you encounter any problems like failure to cast certain videos it is most likely the fact that your TV might not support the codecs in that particular video.

After testing the Android TV box I realised that it was nowhere nearer to a Roku. If you expect to play movies by either mirror casting your phone or downloading to the internal storage of the device then you are bound to be disappointed.

Mxq pro 4k device is only good for presentations and reading online news and checking emails on the TV if you find it convenient to do that. It is also good but not perfect for playing music videos. This is because of the issue of codecs that your TV might encounter as I alluded to earlier on. The other use for the box is as a WiFi access point. Just connect  an Ethernet cable to the device. This is so far its main advantage over other devices like the Rok…

How to use your PC's internet on your phone

It is now possible to connect to your PC's internet via USB cable. Many people are used to USB tethering whereby you connect your phone's internet to the PC. At work places there is usually Ethernet and no free WiFi therefore to use the Ethernet on mobile you will need a router. Now with USB internet you can now use just a cable to get internet connection from your PC.

Android Coding on the Go

About this blog

I blog about mobile apps which are best for writing and compiling code on smartphones. I also conduct tutorials on how to use those apps as well as some online tools inorder to help coders successfully develop and publish apps using mobile devices.

Introduction to Android Coding On The Go
Welcome to Android Coding On The Go tutorials! My name is Stewart Mukonzi. I shall be posting  on this blog frequently on various topics on the subject of developing android applications using just a smartphone. Video tutorials  can be accessed for free on my YouTube channel which is Coding OTG. You are free to visit my profile to learn more about me, the instructor. Basically I started coding in 2014. At first my knowledge of coding was acquired from being self-taught before I enrolled into an online course. 
Why learn to code using a smartphone?
The advantages of coding using a mobile device are mobility and affordability as well as an increase in productivity. A mobile device can fit in…

Zvaungaita kuti uvhure email account.

Ndakaona kuti vanhu vakawanda vane 25 years zvichienda mberi vane dambudziko rekusaziva zvekuita panhau yekuvhura email account. Nekuda kwaizvozvo ndakafunga kugadzira video inoburitsa ma steps ekuita kana uchi register pa Gmail. Email yakakosha mazuvaano nekuti kunyangwe pakutsvaga basa hakuchaitwe zvekunyora tsamba pabepa. Ma services atinowana pa internet nodawo kazhinji kuti tinge tiine email kuti tikwanise ku register. Video iripazasi apa inotsanangura mumutauro we Chishona kuti munhu anoda kuvhura email angaita sei.

Google file or Shareit?

Which one is better, Google Files or Shareit? It all boils down to preference. Files is dedicated for managing files while Shareit is meant for transferring files but both have extra features which make them function almost the same.  Let me share with you my experience with both apps.

Files takes some time to connect.  You have to try several times but once connection is established transfer of files is a breeze. There are no adverts in the app and security is guaranteed since Google is a trusted brand. Bluetooth, GPRS and WiFi are turned on during transfer of files and  it automatically  closes on exiting the app. Shareit makes connection easy and the transfer of files is super fast. There are adverts in the app in notifications are frequent. Bluetooth, GPRS and WiFi are turned on during transfer of files and you have to manually turn them off after exiting the app.

My top three social media apps

WhatsApp gained traction due to its ease of login absence of adverts. It is also affordable and does not have privacy issues and for that I place it on third position. On second position is bigo live which uses video streaming as its mainstay. The younger generation is moving away from texting to live streaming. According to research , Facebook users are aged on average between 24 to 35. On pole position is whisper. WhatsApp gained popularity because if its use of just a phone number to login. Now imagine a scenario whereby a user does not need to provide any information at all but the app automatically assigns a username and is able to differentiate each user. This is what makes whisper unique. It relies on information  that it stores on the phone to identify the user. You can uninstall the app and reinstall it later to start of from where you left as long as you do not delete the whisper folder which is created upon initially installing the app. Whisper respects privacy. There is no…

The domain name that brought magic into my life

When I bought "" I was very happy and I considered myself lucky to find such a name. Good domain names are already taken , this is what most people think until you come across one.
I had a feeling that the domain name was once owned by someone. I was determined to find out who and therefore I began to search online. I first checked the internet archive and confirmed that indeed the domain was onced used for a particular website. I then found the owner and followed her on Facebook. 

My mission was to discover why the owner gave up what seemed to me to be a valuable domain name. I soon found out that the owner ditched the domain name for an even more valuable alternative, her own name. I was astounded to see how we look down upon ourselves as a brand. I then resolved to rebrand and start using my personal name.

Which app to use for teaching students

There are many platforms for uploading educational content which can be delivered to various people anywhere in the world. Most people are familiar with udemy. It is free and provides the tools for uploading content. There is Vimeo, a video content  aggregator just like youtube. The only difference with youtube is that it is suitable for delivering paid content especially tutorials. Only authorized people can access the content and download can be restricted which solves the problem of theft of intellectual property.Google has a brilliant solution also for delivering educational content. It's classroom app is awesome. Content is secure and students can interact among themselves through the app. Tools for creating content are in built. You can upload resources in different formats. The only drawback is that students must have a Google account to join the classroom otherwise the app is even better than udemy.

Increase productivity on your notepad

You can improve productivity when using notepad on your mobile phone by simply changing the display. Many people are not aware that the notepad can change how it is displayed. This is why blogs like this one help. Open notepad on your phone and go to settings. The default view is list and most people including myself find it more appealing and also increases productivity as the notes can easily be managed when viewed as tiles or a grid. Time is not wasted opening notes to find which ones are still relevant as you can decide at a glance. Google keep is my favourite app for taking notes. It caught my eye by it's design which includes a default grid view. You do not need to save your notes as well as it is done automatically.

The advantages of android go

I own two tablets, a Huawei T37 media pad and a iLife k3500 both with almost the same specifications. The former runs android nougat while the latter runs android 8.1 go edition. The iLife tablet is faster from the time it takes to boot and in opening applications. However, the go edition has stripped down versions of apps. That is not  a deal breaker for me since I can install the full version of the app. The only drawback is that I end up with bloatware in my phone because there is no option to uninstall the go edition of an app one you install the full version. In terms of battery management I do not see any advantage with the go edition maybe because of the OEM. iLife seems to have battery issues. Their products do not last as long as Huawei products on a single charge. I wish I had tested the OS with the same brand. This means the results are inconclusive as far as battery management is concerned. However when it comes to speed, it is clear to see that the android go edition rock…

Why not all videos can play on your Tv

Most people download their videos online to watch later on their TVs. However most of the videos do not play on their TVs because the format is not supported. It might be an MP4 and you wonder why it is still not supported. The answer is codecs not video type. There are some codecs which are not supported by most TVs. The only solution is to convert such videos to get the suitable codecs. I shall write an article on the best video converter for android phones and link to this article in due course.

Best app to stream to your Roku or Kwese play

Kwese play which is roku powered, is a device that brings more fun when it comes to entertainment in the home. One of the features I like the most is the ability to cast from a mobile device to a TV. All you need to do is go to the app store on the TV and choose the right app for casting. We tried on an android tablet the Allconnect app and another one called All Screen. The latter won. All Screen is the best app for casting to your TV when using a Kwese play device. To use it you install the app on both the Kwese play and on your phone. Open the app on your phone and choose casting device which in this case is the roku or Kwese play device. If the settings allow it the app will open automatically on your TV and you can enjoy watching videos, audio and photos seamlessly without lagging or buffering as well as using your mobile data.

Why you still need a chromecast when you have a Roku

I can cast videos , audios and photos from my phone to a TV with my Kwese play or Roku device but when it comes to Netflix downloads the app I use does not work. This is because Netflix videos are in a special format which is not supported outside the Netflix app. So how can you watch the downloads on a TV. Remember that you can only download Netflix movies on a phone or tablet and to watch the videos on TV you need to cast. The Kwese play can support casting from the Netflix app but an active internet connection is needed and this means gobbling your data bundles. This does not make sense at all since you have the videos on your phone. It's wiser to use the Netflix app on the Kwese play instead. However to solve the issue of using mobile data you need to use a chromecast.

How Shark Tank can benefit entrepreneurs

Wanna be entrepreneurs can immensely benefit from a TV show called Shark Tank. People who pitch on the show either get a deal or walk out with a piece of advice on how to enhance their business model.I personally draw inspiration from the show. I found about it while reading Strive Masiyiwa's blog. He is also a fan of the show. One of the tips that is frequently given to entrepreneurs who appear on the TV show is that of creating an online presence for marketing purposes. Small businesses are advised against rushing to go into retail using a brick and mortar structure but rather to enhance their online strategy. This just shows how important digital marketing is to startups. As a digital marketer and a web developer myself I feel privileged knowing that I got the keys to open doors to an online presence for businesses.

An unusual weapon in my digital marketing arsenal

I find the jargon and concepts in the world of digital marketing overwhelming. I am sure I am not the only one. I am glad that I bought a lifetime course, on digital marketing, from Udemy. I can simply revisit the topics I need help on anytime. The only challenge will be internet bundles to access the course content.
With Google primer , I no longer have a headache whenever I want to take a refresher course on digital marketing. The app has a lot of content for free and also available offline. I recommend Google primer to everyone who wants to or who is already pursuing an online education as a study aide.