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Plumtree Local Guide

I have just become an online local guide and I am loving it! I want to put a lot of interesting and important places on Google maps so that people searching for their services can easily find them. As a photographer I want to capitalize on my local guide role by showcasing my photos. The public and business that I enlist will in the end benefit from my work. My aim is to finally get recognition as a local photographer. I am also building an archive of photos for my stock photo site in the process.

How to learn while you earn

A lot of people do know that education can open a lot of possibilities but still find it difficult to obtain qualifications due to a number of factors chief among them being a lack of time and a tight budget. In this article, I show you how to kill two birds with one stone.

People who have a felt need for furthering their education are either those who are already in employment seeking a career change or a promotion or those who are unemployed and finding it hard to get a job. Both categories will benefit from online courses. Now the number of websites offering online courses is daunting. The process of hunting for a credible institution is painstaking but in this article, I want to make your life easy by recommending one of the best online courses provider, Shaw Academy.

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What social media management tool do I use?

As a digital marketer , there are a lot of tools I use in my day to day activities. From analytic tools to content management systems, there are a lot of tools to use and a lot of choices to make as there a many brands to choose from. Today I would like to share with you the social media management tool I use to schedule my posts.

There are many social media management tools like buffer but my favourite is Crowdfire.

Crowdfire is a social media management platform which helps businesses or individuals drive social media engagement and growth. It has a lot of features which include content publishing , content curation and customer service. One thing I like about Crowdfire is the price which is competitive. The platform is also easy to understand and increases productivity, what a perfect tool to grow and manage your social accounts!

Web Development and Free Hosting in Zimbabwe

Web development
I develop websites and provide affordable hosting and domain registration services. For a quotation on websites or enquiries send an email at or call me on 0715627247

Web hosting
Web hosting is free for the first year and RTGS$15 per month from the second year onwards. ZIPIT or Ecocash is acceptable. Please Note that:  hosting is for those customers who register their domain names through us.

Domain Name Registration
I register domain names on your behalf from as little as RTGS$5. All you have to do is submit the name you want to register and I will do the search and registration on your behalf. ZIPIT or ECocash is acceptable.

Stock Photos
I am also into stock photography, therefore, my clients can benefit by using my stock photos for free.

Cheap Domain Names in Zimbabwe

Get a domain name with a top-level domain for only RTGS$5 from me today. ZIPIT or Ecocash is acceptable. all you have to do is submit the name you want to register and I will do the search and registration on your behalf. For more info send an email at or call me on 0715627247.