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How to restore phone numbers from Google contacts

I was once astonished to find out that my contacts had disappeared save for a few. I could not find an explanation for that and I thought it was a temporary issue. I tried to reboot my phone but it was fruitless. This is when I realized the importance of a local back up. Fortunately I use Google contacts to store my phone numbers for syncing across all my device as well as the ability to access them anywhere I can get an internet connection. Those are the advantages of Google contacts, but how can one restore the contacts to your phone?

On your phone, go to the Gmail app and click on your account. Select manage account. You will be shown several items to choose from. Find the option for people and sharing, that is where you can access Google contacts. Select contacts and find the export option. Choose the vcard format and the contacts will be downloaded. Go to the file manager and click on the vcard file and you will be presented with the choice of  saving to your phone and you would have successfully restored your contacts.


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