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Must Have Tools For Android App Developer

We have compiled a list of tools which increase productivity for those who develop their apps on the mobile phone instead of the computer. First you need an IDE . The best android integrated development environment is non other than intel sponsored AIDE. You can download from the Google playstore. The paid version of the app allows you to code as well as sign the APK file for uploading onto the playstore. Logo.
For the logo of your software and the banners required on the playstore we recommend you use canva. Icon launcher. For creating your icons we recommend doing it online and downloading a  zip file of all set of icons needed for various screen resolutions. Just upload the logo for your software to this website :

Xhort - Safe Search

Xhort  is our customized search engine . This is where you can safely dig up information about any topic in life and find out answers that are based on truth from the bible. You might want to exhort a fellow Christian or a workmate or just to find comfort during trying times then Xhort is the right place to find a wealth of spiritually uplifting articles. Do not to be led astray in this world full of greed,  search safely.

How to restore phone numbers from Google contacts

I was once astonished to find out that my contacts had disappeared save for a few. I could not find an explanation for that and I thought it was a temporary issue. I tried to reboot my phone but it was fruitless. This is when I realized the importance of a local back up. Fortunately I use Google contacts to store my phone numbers for syncing across all my device as well as the ability to access them anywhere I can get an internet connection. Those are the advantages of Google contacts, but how can one restore the contacts to your phone?

On your phone, go to the Gmail app and click on your account. Select manage account. You will be shown several items to choose from. Find the option for people and sharing, that is where you can access Google contacts. Select contacts and find the export option. Choose the vcard format and the contacts will be downloaded. Go to the file manager and click on the vcard file and you will be presented with the choice of  saving to your phone and you would h…

Google Business versus Facebook Business

I have been using Facebook pages to advertise my business for some time and I never thought there was any company offering similar or even better services for reaching out to my clients online in what is commonly known as digital marketing. The verification badge on Facebook is an envy of many businesses but it's not easy to aquire. However creating adverts and gaining followers is very easy on Facebook. Setting up an attractive page does not take much time and this made me think there was no other service comparable to Facebook business. That all changed when I tried Google business. It offers much more services from easy verification by mail to ready made responsive website with SEO. Digital marketing is also a breeze. Analytical tools are also available. The service is just amazing. I want to encourage all startups to embrace this kind of technology for getting an online presence with ease and in style.

How do Mobile Apps Know Your Number?

Have you ever wondered how mobile apps know your phone number, your email address or even your name? This can occur when you install an app which requires registering using a mobile number. It picks up your mobile number and sometimes your email number and you wonder how it figured that out.Let's start with the first scenario where a phone number is picked. If you set your number in the phone settings it will show up on every handset you use because the settings will be saved on the simcard and are difficult to remove. This is especially worrisome to people who might want to avoid theft of identity or those who simply want to go incognito. We shall post an article on how to delete a number from the simcard settings (not the contact list). When apps access your number it is not usually from the phone settings because google is strict on that function for security reasons  Apps which need that permission have to refer users to their privacy policy. For that reason many apps resort t…

A simple way to hide contacts, files and apps on your phone

There are some apps which can encrypt data and hide it from view. However there are simple ways to hide most things without installing apps. We shall start with hiding contacts. The easiest way is to store all the contacts you want to hide on your google account. You can then choose to save the rest of the other contacts you want to show on either the simcard or the phone. The next step is to go to contact list settings then choose which numbers to show remember not to tick the contacts on your google account so that they remain hidden from view. You might also want to hide apps from the home screen. Backup your app and uninstall it. Then go to your google playstore settings and choose do not install icon on new apps. Install the app again and this time it won't appear on the home screen. You can launch the app from phone settings under apps. To hide files on your phone simply click the rename option in the file manager and append a period before the name of the file eg (.log) wer…

Ecocash API

Merchants can now initiate transactions from their websites or POS machines. The transaction can then be terminated or completed by the client on his or her mobile phone through Ecocash. Many business wish to have an online payment system but do not know how to. A popular and easy option is to use PAYNOW's API. However there are some charges which can be incurred therefore some would prefer getting the EcoCash API directly from econet. How do you get the API?

 We did not get an official statement from Econet but from digging up online we managed to find the Ecocash API on github. Someone uploaded it recently. We analyzed the code and found out that to get your hands on the API you simply have to apply to be an online merchant and once you are approved you get the API documentation and password integrate the system with your website. The API on github is written in Ruby but we believe that it can be available in PHP. We analyzed code from a web which has an online payment system a…

A guide to using Facebook effectively

After deleting my Facebook account a few months ago, I recently decided to give the app a second chance. I wanted to create a page to market some of my products. Having run adverts successfully before on the platform, I wondered if Facebook will ever allow business to create pages without personal profiles.
I have faith in their platform when it comes to reaching out to clients. Since one can not create a page without a Facebook profile, i was forced to create an account. After creating the account I then discovered that the app is actually interesting than I thought before. One has to know how to use the app in their daily life. The app has a lot of features. Don't wait for your feed or timeline only to receive posts. Tap or click the menu and explore. There are a lot of interesting topics. One can search for vacancies by clicking the job button. Nearby events can also showup as well as trending videos. The market place is also fascinating. Facebook has evolved into a news aggreg…

Our best video streaming app

YouTube is the home of many viral videos and is easy to monetize its channels. However for bloggers who like to post sensitive material which are NSFW they are left with no choice but to find alternative platforms which have less strict rules on censorship.

Our best app for our video content for this blog and our tutorials is Vimeo. It is easy to use and videos do not take time to upload.  For paid content the videos can be password protected. Check out our channel now to enjoy the best in media.

Must Have Apps For Music Lovers

Apple Music is the best app to have if you want to keep up with trending music. I tried the app and my mind was blown away. Before using the app I resorted to The Billboard Top 100. However the experience is different on a mobile app. Apple Music came to my rescue as i get to listen to music from the app as well as also have an opportunity to check the music charts locally and internationally. I can create a playlist which i can share on my social app profiles. This is a cool feature as it helps those I interact with in life to know my preferences when it comes to music.

Apple Inc is serious about music products. They also have one of my favourite apps for detecting a song playing as well as for displaying the lyrics if they are available. The app is called Shazam. It is mind blowing. If you ever come across a lovely song playing maybe in a public place and wondered what the name of the song is, just shazam and let the magic happen.

Best Dating Apps in Zimbabwe

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps. However it is used mostly in upmarket suburbs and it is not useful in some areas, especially the ghetto. 

Jaumo is best for those who do not want to reveal their true identity. This is ideal for new people on the dating scene since it helps them build confidence knowing that nobody will ever know their personal details like email or phone number. However this can be taken advantage of by people with sinister intentions. Women especially end up falling prey to men with evil intentions. 

Badoo is our favourite. It is trendy just like Tinder and has users across the social divide. What we like the most about Badoo is its face recognition feature. It can verify if the profile picture is really of the person behind the profile. It takes less than 5 minutes to get verified. To avoid scammers and those who are into cat phishing, users should chat with other verified users. Badoo verifies from the profile picture up to the email and phone number. L…

Update Your Old Android Phone

This article is for those who are using android  5 and below. You can get new features on your phone by downloading a few apps developed by non other than Google itself which is the developer of the android software.

Improve your messages functionality and aesthetic look by downloading messages app from playstore. After installing the app you will feel the difference, copying and forwarding messages will nolonger be pain stacking. You can also benefit by gaining access to your messages online. The setup for getting sms online is simple, all you have to do is scan a QR code just like WhatsApp web.

Your home screen is another area which needs to be spruced up. Download and install the Google Now Launcher and get the new look of higher android versions. Simplicity and increase in productivity is what you tend to gain by updating to the Google Now Launcher.

The keyboard is one of the areas which needs updating. Newer versions of android come with feature rich keyboards. To catch-up you can i…