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Is it possible to get AdSense approval on Blogger?

I used to think it was impossible for a Blogger user to get AdSense approval until I came across a blog which displayed adverts from Google Ad display network. It was also a local , Zimbabwean, website and I was mesmerized. I learnt a lot from this blog and I would like to share with you my findings how to get AdSense approval on Blogger. Unique Content
You must come up with original and unique content.Helpful Content
Visitors to your website should be able find your content helpful. You should write as much as you can on the topic you are exploring so that people can find your article  beneficial and worth reading up to the end.If you require the link to the site so that you can take a leaf from them simply sent a request via email to us.

Which app is best for 360 degree photos?

The street view app by Google is superb for creating 360 degree photos. However the app is incompatible with a lot of devices we tested and is not available for old versions of Android. The next best option is the Panorama 360 or simply P360 app for Android. It is not easy to use at first but once you get the hang of it you can easily master the creation of 360 degree photos or panoramas. We found that in order to shoot with ease you need to have adequate light, it must not be harsh or dim. It takes about eight shots to create a 360 degree photo. The app is great at seamlessly stitching the photos together. I look forward to reviewing the Google Street view app myself once I get a compatible device.

Social WiFi marketing

Social WiFi marketing and beacons are touch points which a business can use as part of its growth hacking strategy. WiFi marketing is the easiest option so far in Zimbabwe. We shall update this article soon.

Stewies Store mobile app is an online store where you can buy electrical gadgets and phone accessories. The site have taken a further step in developing a mobile app.

The owner of the store is also in the process of setting up a brick and mortar store. The physical location of the store shall be Plumtree, a town near the border between Zimbabwe and Botswana. In the meantime online shoppers can download the Android mobile app here.

Why you should install a second web browser on your phone

If you are a web developer who writes code on the go, avoid frustration by installing a second website for testing your websites. Why this is important comes from the fact that web browsers , inorder to save data and to improve user experience, tend to show you a cached copy of the website. Therefore if you had made changes to a website you might not see them. The cache is very important on mobile devices since we need to access some sights with ease, therefore clearing the cache can cost us dearly. To avoid such situations were you have to make some sacrifices , simply install a second browser.There are also cases were we keep logged on with our accounts but need to access some sites without giving out our identity. Again a second browser will come to your rescue.

Free web hosting for all types of users.

Hostinger offers Free web hosting which supports back end integration. It is better than blogger and WordPress when it comes to web development.Ideal for developers to horn their skills.
Great for hosting a project for inclusion in a portfolio.They have two solutions. First one is 000webhost. You can check out my sample site. other one is paid hosting. Very cheap although control panel is not user friendly.

You can turn your computer's monitor into a Tv

All you need is what is called a TV tuner. The device is available in Zimbabwe for a few dollars. To be continued....

How to get a free USA phone number

It is possible to get a US number or from most countries in the world like UK, Belgium etc. Sing up for email and request the instructions. I'll send a copy of instructions.

Mxq pro 4k review

Android 7.1.2 Nougat
16GB storage
CPU ...
Graphics ... (update) The Mxq pro 4k device functions flowlessly in most cases. If you encounter any problems like failure to cast certain videos it is most likely the fact that your TV might not support the codecs in that particular video. After testing the Android TV box I realised that it was nowhere nearer to a Roku. If you expect to play movies by either mirror casting your phone or downloading to the internal storage of the device then you are bound to be disappointed. Mxq pro 4k device is only good for presentations and reading online news and checking emails on the TV if you find it convenient to do that. It is also good but not perfect for playing music videos. This is because of the issue of codecs that your TV might encounter as I alluded to earlier on. The other use for the box is as a WiFi access point. Just connect  an Ethernet cable to the device. This is so far its main advantage over other devices like the Rok…

Zed smart watch review

ilife zed smart watch is fun to use. It needs the fun run app to pair perfectly with your phone. You can enjoy using the pedometer or the remote camera access. I find the latter amusing as you can use it to monitor your baby while it is asleep. The phone can last for more than 24 hours on an initial full battery, enough time to successfully use the sleep monitoring function.

Android TV box review

I just  got an mxq pro 4k and I can't wait to test it. I have a Roku 3 device in the form of a Kwese play and I'm enjoying it. Just could not get my Huawei media pad to cast to it. I combed through the streets of Harare in search of a Chromecast and all the shops that used to sell it had run out of stock except for one shop at Eastgate which is pricey. I will be back with the review and update the article.

How to use your PC's internet on your phone

It is now possible to connect to your PC's internet via USB cable. Many people are used to USB tethering whereby you connect your phone's internet to the PC. At work places there is usually Ethernet and no free WiFi therefore to use the Ethernet on mobile you will need a router. Now with USB internet you can now use just a cable to get internet connection from your PC.

Local Internet bundles

Netone night bundle valid from 10pm to 5am is awesome.The telone WiFi hotspot are the best deal during the day. The only disadvantage is network coverage.The econet  bundles are great as they come with free iflix bundles

Zvaungaita kuti uvhure email account.

Ndakaona kuti vanhu vakawanda vane 25 years zvichienda mberi vane dambudziko rekusaziva zvekuita panhau yekuvhura email account. Nekuda kwaizvozvo ndakafunga kugadzira video inoburitsa ma steps ekuita kana uchi register pa Gmail. Email yakakosha mazuvaano nekuti kunyangwe pakutsvaga basa hakuchaitwe zvekunyora tsamba pabepa. Ma services atinowana pa internet nodawo kazhinji kuti tinge tiine email kuti tikwanise ku register. Video iripazasi apa inotsanangura mumutauro we Chishona kuti munhu anoda kuvhura email angaita sei.

Google file or Shareit?

Which one is better, Google Files or Shareit? It all boils down to preference. Let me share with you my experience with both apps.Files takes some time to connect.  You have to try several times but once connection is established transfer of files is a breeze. There are no adverts in the app and security is guaranteed since Google is a trusted brand. Bluetooth, GPRS and WiFi are turned on during transfer of files and  it automatically  closes on exiting the app.Shareit makes connection easy and the transfer of files is super fast. There are adverts in the app in notifications are frequent. Bluetooth, GPRS and WiFi are turned on during transfer of files and you have to manually turn them off after exiting the app.

My top three social media apps

WhatsApp gained traction due to its ease of login absence of adverts. It is also affordable and does not have privacy issues and for that I place it on third position. On second position is bigo live which uses video streaming as its mainstay. The younger generation is moving away from texting to live streaming. According to research , Facebook users are aged on average between 24 to 35. On pole position is whisper. WhatsApp gained popularity because if its use of just a phone number to login. Now imagine a scenario whereby a user does not need to provide any information at all but the app automatically assigns a username and is able to differentiate each user. This is what makes whisper unique. It relies on information  that it stores on the phone to identify the user. You can uninstall the app and reinstall it later to start of from where you left as long as you do not delete the whisper folder which is created upon initially installing the app. Whisper respects privacy. There is no…

Career focused channels on Kwese play

I love watching shark tank on Netflix. It inspires me and keeps me motivated on my journey as an entrepreneur. Kwese play has apps which are also educative as much as they are entertaining.

I enjoy the ITpro TV app on Kwese play. It is meant for tech geeks like me. It shows educational videos on a variety on IT courses like Cisco and ethical hacking . However, to watch some videos a subscription is needed. There are several other apps like entrepreneur, cnet, at work etc but the most outstanding is engvid, it does not only teach English for non native speakers but also teaches how to land a job. We all know that to get a job one has to market  oneself through a resume and a cover letter. Fast Company is another app on Kwese play which is meant for both aspiring and established entrepreneurs. The content is informative and motivational. Keep watching this space for more updates on what channels to watch on streaming apps.

The domain name that brought magic into my life

When I bought "" I was very happy and I considered myself lucky to find such a name. Good domain names are already taken , this is what most people think until you come across one. I had a feeling that the domain name was once owned by someone. I was determined to find out who and therefore I began to search online. I first checked the internet archive and confirmed that indeed the domain was onced used for a particular website. I then found the owner and followed her on Facebook. 

My mission was to discover why the owner gave up what seemed to me to be a valuable domain name. I soon found out that the owner ditched the domain name for an even more valuable alternative, her own name. I was astounded to see how we look down upon ourselves as a brand. I then resolved to rebrand and start using my personal name.

Which app to use for teaching students

There are many platforms for uploading educational content which can be delivered to various people anywhere in the world. Most people are familiar with udemy. It is free and provides the tools for uploading content. There is Vimeo, a video content  aggregator just like youtube. The only difference with youtube is that it is suitable for delivering paid content especially tutorials. Only authorized people can access the content and download can be restricted which solves the problem of theft of intellectual property.Google has a brilliant solution also for delivering educational content. It's classroom app is awesome. Content is secure and students can interact among themselves through the app. Tools for creating content are in built. You can upload resources in different formats. The only drawback is that students must have a Google account to join the classroom otherwise the app is even better than udemy.

Increase productivity on your notepad

You can improve productivity when using notepad on your mobile phone by simply changing the display. Many people are not aware that the notepad can change how it is displayed. This is why blogs like this one help. Open notepad on your phone and go to settings. The default view is list and most people including myself find it more appealing and also increases productivity as the notes can easily be managed when viewed as tiles or a grid. Time is not wasted opening notes to find which ones are still relevant as you can decide at a glance. Google keep is my favourite app for taking notes. It caught my eye by it's design which includes a default grid view. You do not need to save your notes as well as it is done automatically.

Free streaming or Video on demand in Zimbabwe

Tubi is an app for streaming movies from on mobile device. Their service comes free of charge and I was impressed by the movie collection. It is in my own view far much better than prime movies offered by Amazon. Zbc has also an app for streaming live the national broadcaster's content for free. The video quality is far much better than watching the zbc channel on kwese iflix.
YouTube is a content aggregator which has an astounding volume of great videos. It is available to users for free. Many TV channels which are available on other platforms like Roku are also on YouTube.

Viki is another app Wich offers free content even though there is an option to get a pass just like with Kwese iflix. The content is amazing and is mostly from Asia. I enjoy Korean movies. There is a cast button in the app. However, the cast button can only function after paying a subscription. We recommend that you use the apps we mentioned here to provide entertainment for your family. To enjoy watching o…

The advantages of android go

I own two tablets, a Huawei T37 media pad and a iLife k3500 both with almost the same specifications. The former runs android nougat while the latter runs android 8.1 go edition. The iLife tablet is faster from the time it takes to boot and in opening applications. However, the go edition has stripped down versions of apps. That is not  a deal breaker for me since I can install the full version of the app. The only drawback is that I end up with bloatware in my phone because there is no option to uninstall the go edition of an app one you install the full version. In terms of battery management I do not see any advantage with the go edition maybe because of the OEM. iLife seems to have battery issues. Their products do not last as long as Huawei products on a single charge. I wish I had tested the OS with the same brand. This means the results are inconclusive as far as battery management is concerned. However when it comes to speed, it is clear to see that the android go edition rock…

Why not all videos can play on your Tv

Most people download their videos online to watch later on their TVs. However most of the videos do not play on their TVs because the format is not supported. It might be an MP4 and you wonder why it is still not supported. The answer is codecs not video type. There are some codecs which are not supported by most TVs. The only solution is to convert such videos to get the suitable codecs. I shall write an article on the best video converter for android phones and link to this article in due course.

Best app to stream to your Roku or Kwese play

Kwese play which is roku powered, is a device that brings more fun when it comes to entertainment in the home. One of the features I like the most is the ability to cast from a mobile device to a TV. All you need to do is go to the app store on the TV and choose the right app for casting. We tried on an android tablet the Allconnect app and another one called All Screen. The latter won. All Screen is the best app for casting to your TV when using a Kwese play device. To use it you install the app on both the Kwese play and on your phone. Open the app on your phone and choose casting device which in this case is the roku or Kwese play device. If the settings allow it the app will open automatically on your TV and you can enjoy watching videos, audio and photos seamlessly without lagging or buffering as well as using your mobile data.

Why you still need a chromecast when you have a Roku

I can cast videos , audios and photos from my phone to a TV with my Kwese play or Roku device but when it comes to Netflix downloads the app I use does not work. This is because Netflix videos are in a special format which is not supported outside the Netflix app. So how can you watch the downloads on a TV. Remember that you can only download Netflix movies on a phone or tablet and to watch the videos on TV you need to cast. The Kwese play can support casting from the Netflix app but an active internet connection is needed and this means gobbling your data bundles. This does not make sense at all since you have the videos on your phone. It's wiser to use the Netflix app on the Kwese play instead. However to solve the issue of using mobile data you need to use a chromecast.

The most affordable way to binge watch movies in Zimbabwe

The scarcity of foreign currency or rather the ever increasing exchange rates on the black market has made the satellite television a white elephant. Dstv is currently the sole service provider of satellite television on the market. However there are now another product which is competing against satellite television, movie on demand. Streaming services like netflix , showmax and my favourite for now- Kwese iflix- are now trending. The shortage of foreign currency is also affecting consumers of this product. However, kwese iflix is offering a lifeline to those who love watching movies. Their catalogue is amazing. What is even more amazing is their prices. For a dollar you can watch two movies in standard definition, which is approximately 500mb of data. I am soon going to check if the bundles can work with the Kwese play device, that will be awesome if it works. I shall update you as soon as I find out in a few hours from now.

How Shark Tank can benefit entrepreneurs

Wanna be entrepreneurs can immensely benefit from a TV show called Shark Tank. People who pitch on the show either get a deal or walk out with a piece of advice on how to enhance their business model.I personally draw inspiration from the show. I found about it while reading Strive Masiyiwa's blog. He is also a fan of the show. One of the tips that is frequently given to entrepreneurs who appear on the TV show is that of creating an online presence for marketing purposes. Small businesses are advised against rushing to go into retail using a brick and mortar structure but rather to enhance their online strategy. This just shows how important digital marketing is to startups. As a digital marketer and a web developer myself I feel privileged knowing that I got the keys to open doors to an online presence for businesses.

An unusual weapon in my digital marketing arsenal

I find the jargon and concepts in the world of digital marketing overwhelming. I am sure I am not the only one. I am glad that I bought a lifetime course, on digital marketing, from Udemy. I can simply revisit the topics I need help on anytime. The only challenge will be internet bundles to access the course content. With Google primer , I no longer have a headache whenever I want to take a refresher course on digital marketing. The app has a lot of content for free and also available offline. I recommend Google primer to everyone who wants to or who is already pursuing an online education as a study aide.

Plumtree Local Guide

I have just become an online local guide and I am loving it! I want to put a lot of interesting and important places on Google maps so that people searching for their services can easily find them. As a photographer I want to capitalize on my local guide role by showcasing my photos. The public and business that I enlist will in the end benefit from my work. My aim is to finally get recognition as a local photographer. I am also building an archive of photos for my stock photo site in the process.

How to learn while you earn

A lot of people do know that education can open a lot of possibilities but still find it difficult to obtain qualifications due to a number of factors chief among them being a lack of time and a tight budget. In this article, I show you how to kill two birds with one stone.

People who have a felt need for furthering their education are either those who are already in employment seeking a career change or a promotion or those who are unemployed and finding it hard to get a job. Both categories will benefit from online courses. Now the number of websites offering online courses is daunting. The process of hunting for a credible institution is painstaking but in this article, I want to make your life easy by recommending one of the best online courses provider, Shaw Academy.

Earn an EQF Level 5 Certified Diploma Course at Shaw Academy.Join Now

What social media management tool do I use?

As a digital marketer , there are a lot of tools I use in my day to day activities. From analytic tools to content management systems, there are a lot of tools to use and a lot of choices to make as there a many brands to choose from. Today I would like to share with you the social media management tool I use to schedule my posts.

There are many social media management tools like buffer but my favourite is Crowdfire.

Crowdfire is a social media management platform which helps businesses or individuals drive social media engagement and growth. It has a lot of features which include content publishing , content curation and customer service. One thing I like about Crowdfire is the price which is competitive. The platform is also easy to understand and increases productivity, what a perfect tool to grow and manage your social accounts!

Web Development and Free Hosting in Zimbabwe

Web development
I develop websites and provide affordable hosting and domain registration services. For a quotation on websites or enquiries send an email at or call me on 0715627247

Web hosting
Web hosting is free for the first year and RTGS$15 per month from the second year onwards. ZIPIT or Ecocash is acceptable. Please Note that:  hosting is for those customers who register their domain names through us.

Domain Name Registration
I register domain names on your behalf from as little as RTGS$5. All you have to do is submit the name you want to register and I will do the search and registration on your behalf. ZIPIT or ECocash is acceptable.

Stock Photos
I am also into stock photography, therefore, my clients can benefit by using my stock photos for free.

Cheap Domain Names in Zimbabwe

Get a domain name with a top-level domain for only RTGS$5 from me today. ZIPIT or Ecocash is acceptable. all you have to do is submit the name you want to register and I will do the search and registration on your behalf. For more info send an email at or call me on 0715627247.

The songwriter in me

Most people find it hard to believe that I do not only write songs but I'm also a rapper. I have so far recorded four songs! Growing up I was exposed to a wide variety of music since my father was a sales representative at grammar music later he joined Zimbabwe music corporation. I never dreamed that one day I would record my own song. I did not know that I had the talent. Some of cousins started doing music and I got inspired. I teamed up with one of them and he accompanied me to the studio where we recorded a song called usandisiye in 2011. It was produced by Tony Ngara popularly known as Tony G. In 2012 I continued to record 3 more songs which were produced by Russell Chiradza aka Russo. I later thought of setting up my own studio in 2014. I had assembled a desktop computer and installed fruity loops and I bought a condenser microphone and some headphones. I then realised that in order to record quality music I needed to get an audio box and I could not afford at that ti…

Discovering the blogger in me

I never thought I could write any engaging material. Writing was a daunting task to me. I guess the course I once took, but failed to complete due to other commitments, contributed greatly to my writing skills. The course , a certificate in business management, was offered by University of Zimbabwe.

I only completed the first module before I had to stop in order to attend another course in basic patrol dog handling, which I could not afford to miss. The first module in the certificate in business management was on business communication. I learnt what communication was and above all I acquired skills in writing. When then did I start to blog?

I started blogging in 2016 after creating a Facebook page. I wanted to develop my skills in social media marketing and as such I had to start creating content. My first Facebook page was very successful, it gained a thousand followers in a week. The people just liked my page from the description of the page at first because I advertised my page b…

How Econet helped shape my career

I can code in several languages though I specialize in full stack web development thanks to Econet Zimbabwe.

During the  days when I started writing code in early 2014 I visited the Econet Zimbabwe website and found that they had some zero rated websites. This meant that, as an econet subscriber, I could access some sites for free without the need to buy any internet bundles.

The zero rated content was arranged into different categories and I headed to the education section where I started reading articles on coding. I enjoyed the tutorials titled "Learn Python The Hard Way". I followed most if not all the instructions on a PC I had assembled by myself. I became proficient in coding in Python.

My relationship with econet did not end in learning to code from zero rated content. In 2016 while attending a course in photojournalism I met a guy who was interested with my achievements in coding, by then I had already become a Google developer and I had published an app in the Play…

How I developed a knack for software developing

I remember once as a teenager I stumbled upon some books on windows 98 and 2000 tutorials. I was a book worm then and I recall reading them with gusto.

I learned a few commands and grasped a few ideas which stuck to my mind and I became computer literate by my own right although I did not operate a real computer until at a later stage in life.

In high school I had an opportunity to attend computer lessons but I skipped the lessons as I considered it a waste of time. The computer laboratory was open only after school and at certain days of the week.

I had a chance to operate a computer when I was working as a police officer. Only a few police officers were computer literate at the station back then and there was only a single virus infested and outdated computer at the station at that time. I did not have any problem in performing basic tasks as the main use of the computer was for word processing as we compiled dockets for court. However, I wanted to be regarded as a computer geek an…

No more need for a WhatsApp bot

WhatsApp Business has evolved greatly to include most of the features that were missing on WhatsApp. Many people yearned for an autoresponder or bot before it was  introduced on WA Business. A lot of people had their phone numbers banned from WhatsApp, if the company really took action on users who used autoresponders, just because the feature took long to be integrated in the app. More features keep rolling on to the business version and the one I like the most is that of showing the name of the business in the chats instead of a phone number as was previously the case if a client did not have the number for the business in their contacts list. With the auto response feature one can create a bot for their business. All is needed is creativity and unambiguous use of keywords which trigger the responses. What is left now is a built in payment system so that transactions can be done in-app. I believe tests were done in India. The feature is already on Facebook's messenger app so it …

How to make money from home in Zimbabwe

It is not a hoax, it is real. Making money from home is a possibility which needs to be explored. All you need is a smartphone at least. Airbnb should be your first stop if you need to try a few of the ways on how to earn a living from home. All you need to do is list a room if you own a premise. Such guest houses are proving to be popular to many people nowadays considering their affordability and privacy.
You can also make money from blogging. If you have a website or a huge following on social media, you can join an affiliate program. I recommend Share a Sale. Go on to their website and find a sponsor so that you get paid for great content.

Why does Facebook not take a leaf from blogger

It is frustrating to write an article  and  then lose for ever when you click the publish button. It has happened to me several times so much that I now use a text editor to write and then share the article on my Facebook page. Why does Facebook not introduce the draft feature or at least allow posts to be saved pending publishing?Articles are lost when you leave the Facebook app to use another app for example checking an email or using the browser to lookup something you are writing about. It also happens when an article fails to publish due to network issues. You will have to start all over again and if the network signal is still weak you are bound to face the same ordeal. Facebook should borrow from other blogging software or CMS (content management systems). There should be a feature allowing for saving a post. Consider all the effort and time that one puts into writing an article. All that is put to waste when publishing fails for one reason or the other. I know that sometime so…

Where to place keywords in blogger for purposes of SEO

As a blogger user myself I'm learning a lot as I try to grow my brand and I feel obliged to share something on SEO. I'm coming from a background where I used to run my own site before I decided to choose a free service.

I fell in love with blogger and I now recommend it to those who do not need a data base or form handling on their sites because it does not have support for PHP.

Key words allow your blog to rank high in search therefore it is important to know where to place them.

The title of the page is another place where the search engine picks words. Then there is the description of the blog. Most people write in the description field of the theme rather than of the blog itself. To clarify this issue let me put in in this way. Blogger has two different ways to capture the description of the page but each way is different. The first way is offered by some themes for the purposes of displaying information to visitors. That option does not add value to SEO as the keywords in th…

The demise of Inbox did not create a void at all

I want to dispel the misconception  which is due to an article that appeared in a local technology blog.  The essence of the post was to bring awareness to an emerging brand but at the expense of a trusted brand. It gave an impression that Inbox left a void in the market which needs to be filled. However, that is not the reality.

Google just dropped Inbox to focus on Gmail. Which is a perfect idea considering the fact that what Inbox simply did was mirror messages from Gmail and add cool features for example soughting emails into categories and improving the general user experience. Why have two apps installed when everything can be accomplished in a single app? That was the notion which brought about the discontinuation of Inbox to focus on Gmail.

Now you know that Inbox did not leave a void at all. It actually was good riddance considering that it took more space on our devices. Now, having a single app to manage your emails one can save a lot of memory which is good for the overall …

Here is a reason why you can not create a username for your Facebook page

A lot of reasons are brought forward in different forums when it comes to the question why after creating a Facebook page you will find that the page is eligible for a username. I'm going to tell you the real answer which is based on experience. I have created quite a number of Facebook pages in the past. Some of the pages were utter flops while three of them were quite successful. My first successful page garnered  a thousand likes all in a single week. How I did it is the subject I'll will discuss in the next article. For now let's talk about usernames and why some pages are not legible.

Let's understand that for a page to be successful, a well crafted username is needed. However all the best usernames seem to have been taken already. You have to be super imaginative nowadays , to come up with a username which is compatible with your brand. Platforms like Facebook and twitter are quite aware of this fact that cool usernames are now scarce. Hence they try to discourage…

Verified √ - The quest for influencer status

Who doesn't want to be considered an influencer? Everybody wants power. Many a blogger seeks a verification badge on their social media account for the sole reason of showing that they are influential.  If money could be paid to turn on the badges I bet we would see a lot of guys forking out huge amounts just to get them. A verification status is priceless and like respect it ought to be earned.A few years ago it was easy to get the badges as they were applied for on some popular platforms. Now someone has to work really hard to get them. Some risk having their accounts blocked by using unorthodox means to get a huge following which is a prerequisite on most platforms to turn on the verification badge. Prestige is the main driving force behind the quest for the badge. People have different priorities and for some being verified is nothing. All they need is moolah. As long as they earn money from traffic they get to their blogs through social media accounts,  they will be content w…

If he really loves you then he should grant you access to all his photos!

There is a feature of Google photos that was recently introduced. It can help in cementing relationships in many ways. The feature is called partner account. You can give your partner access to all your photos or choose to share photos of certain people only, for example photos of your kids ,friends and close family members.

Another way this feature helps is to allay any fear of infidelity. How does that work? From my experience in issues of people who were caught cheating, photos revealed most of the evidence ahead of chats. Most people can not resist to take photos when they go out on dates even with people other than their spouses. Having to go through your spouses phone from time to time to check for any tell tale signs of infidelity is detrimental to a relationship as it shows that you do not trust each other. With Google photos' feature of adding a partner account one can easily sweet talk their partner into granting them access to all of their photos so that they can access …

Two strange but handy uses of Google Photos

Google photos has evolved into an amazing app. One can share photos and back them up easily. Today I want to share with you some strange  uses of the app. The first use many people do not know is that you can easily hide photos for security or privacy sake in the app. What you simply do is delete the photo you do not want others to see. Yes I said delete! What happens is that your photo is deleted from the file manager. However the app has a bin in which it stores the deleted items. It sounds silly but it works especially for photojournalists in hostile societies. They take photos and then are sometimes forced to delete the photos or their devices are confiscated if they are found to contain photos for publishing in the news. One might ask why delete when you can upload and save the photos in the cloud instead of the phone? Well the answer is simple. In Africa internet services are not 100% reliable. There are some areas where there will be poor connectivity. This is where the Google p…

Who has ever created and published an app in the playstore without a computer?

Txt Guide is an app in the playstore that was created and published without a computer! How is that possible and why is it important?

Meek Academy realized that a way to create apps without a computer would greatly help aspiring developers in poor communities fulfill their dreams. They started to research on the best resources to use with a smartphone to create and publish apps.

They created a quick guide on the resources needed and then published an app using what they had gathered from the research. The app is actually a guide and it mainly uses text hence the name Txt Guide.


Which app is best for binge watching movies-?

#Streaming content from your mobile device. Kweseiflix/Amazon Premium/JW Library/Showmax/Netflix/

As most people move away from watching movies through satellite dishes it is important to make wise decisions as to the best streaming service and hardware to use. Since we dwell on mobile phones, we shall talk about the best app for streaming movies and then recommend the best hardware for watching on TV the content you are streaming on your mobile phone.

Lets start with streaming services. The most popular in Zimbabwe are Netflix, Amazon Prime, Kweseiflix and Showmax as well the JW Library. For those who have never heard of the JW Library app, the movie called MwanaMuparadzi that had a shona subtitle might ring a bell. The JW.Org website which hosts that movie has an app for streaming their content and it id called JW Library. We tried all polpular streaming apps and for christian content the JW app has no contender. Read on to find out the best in secular apps.

Kwese iflix is alluring due …

What Really Is Sim box Fraud?

Netone subscribers are receiving messages alerting them on simbox fraud. We shall explain what it is and its effect.

Improve Your Vocabulary online

Google has many tools for academic advancement. Our favourite is the Google classroom. We have already wrote an article about that in a previous article.  In this post I want to talk about other ways by google to use in learning a new language.

The Google translate is good for that as well. It helps you communicate with someone in a foreign language and as you do so you tend to improve on your understanding of the language. However, Of the tool which blew our mind and prompted us to write this article is called Word Coach. It is an online game which tests your prowess on word meanings. It improves your vocabulary as you complete the quizzes. To access it simply type "word coach"  online and it will appear in the search results.

How To Upload An APK To The Playstore

We want to give a tip on how to upload an apk for release on the playstore from your mobile phone- no computer is needed at all, from app development to release.

In our previous article we wrote about tools needed to develop apps from your mobile phone. Now we know developers face a challenge sometimes when it comes to uploading the apk to the playstore. The apk will be stored on the phone and will only be accesed using the file manager. When you try to upload the apk from a folder in the file manager the google chrom will usually respond with a message pop up saying that the task could not be completed due to lack of memory if you are using Mozilla Firefox it will simply revert to the upload page without giving any notification.

There is a simple hack to accomplish the upload task. Just make the file appear in the recent section of your phone activities. Every file you edit or save will showup in the recent files. For you file to appear simply save it to another folder for example the…

Innovative idea to help under privileged developers in Africa

A local developer, Stewart Mukonzi, is working on an app which offers a guide on how to develop and publish android apps using just a mobile phone without using a computer. The app will be released soon and will be available for free without any adverts. To pre-register for the app go to the playstore and search for Mukonzi, the software developer. Then choose an app called Meek from his projects.

 The app is meant for those developers who can not access or afford a laptop, remember the Android studio requires a laptop or PC with a fast and power process as well as large RAM. Such computers are not affordable to many developers hence the need to think of other ways. There are a lot of powerful tools which can be accessed on mobile phones. Meek guides the developer on how and where to access the tools.

Must Have Tools For Android App Developer

We have compiled a list of tools which increase productivity for those who develop their apps on the mobile phone instead of the computer. First you need an IDE . The best android integrated development environment is non other than intel sponsored AIDE. You can download from the Google playstore. The paid version of the app allows you to code as well as sign the APK file for uploading onto the playstore. Logo.
For the logo of your software and the banners required on the playstore we recommend you use canva. Icon launcher. For creating your icons we recommend doing it online and downloading a  zip file of all set of icons needed for various screen resolutions. Just upload the logo for your software to this website :

Xhort - Safe Search

Xhort  is our customized search engine . This is where you can safely dig up information about any topic in life and find out answers that are based on truth from the bible. You might want to exhort a fellow Christian or a workmate or just to find comfort during trying times then Xhort is the right place to find a wealth of spiritually uplifting articles. Do not to be led astray in this world full of greed,  search safely.

How to restore phone numbers from Google contacts

I was once astonished to find out that my contacts had disappeared save for a few. I could not find an explanation for that and I thought it was a temporary issue. I tried to reboot my phone but it was fruitless. This is when I realized the importance of a local back up. Fortunately I use Google contacts to store my phone numbers for syncing across all my device as well as the ability to access them anywhere I can get an internet connection. Those are the advantages of Google contacts, but how can one restore the contacts to your phone?

On your phone, go to the Gmail app and click on your account. Select manage account. You will be shown several items to choose from. Find the option for people and sharing, that is where you can access Google contacts. Select contacts and find the export option. Choose the vcard format and the contacts will be downloaded. Go to the file manager and click on the vcard file and you will be presented with the choice of  saving to your phone and you would h…

Google Business versus Facebook Business

I have been using Facebook pages to advertise my business for some time and I never thought there was any company offering similar or even better services for reaching out to my clients online in what is commonly known as digital marketing. The verification badge on Facebook is an envy of many businesses but it's not easy to aquire. However creating adverts and gaining followers is very easy on Facebook. Setting up an attractive page does not take much time and this made me think there was no other service comparable to Facebook business. That all changed when I tried Google business. It offers much more services from easy verification by mail to ready made responsive website with SEO. Digital marketing is also a breeze. Analytical tools are also available. The service is just amazing. I want to encourage all startups to embrace this kind of technology for getting an online presence with ease and in style.

How do Mobile Apps Know Your Number?

Have you ever wondered how mobile apps know your phone number, your email address or even your name? This can occur when you install an app which requires registering using a mobile number. It picks up your mobile number and sometimes your email number and you wonder how it figured that out.Let's start with the first scenario where a phone number is picked. If you set your number in the phone settings it will show up on every handset you use because the settings will be saved on the simcard and are difficult to remove. This is especially worrisome to people who might want to avoid theft of identity or those who simply want to go incognito. We shall post an article on how to delete a number from the simcard settings (not the contact list). When apps access your number it is not usually from the phone settings because google is strict on that function for security reasons  Apps which need that permission have to refer users to their privacy policy. For that reason many apps resort t…

A simple way to hide contacts, files and apps on your phone

There are some apps which can encrypt data and hide it from view. However there are simple ways to hide most things without installing apps. We shall start with hiding contacts. The easiest way is to store all the contacts you want to hide on your google account. You can then choose to save the rest of the other contacts you want to show on either the simcard or the phone. The next step is to go to contact list settings then choose which numbers to show remember not to tick the contacts on your google account so that they remain hidden from view. You might also want to hide apps from the home screen. Backup your app and uninstall it. Then go to your google playstore settings and choose do not install icon on new apps. Install the app again and this time it won't appear on the home screen. You can launch the app from phone settings under apps. To hide files on your phone simply click the rename option in the file manager and append a period before the name of the file eg (.log) wer…

Ecocash API

Merchants can now initiate transactions from their websites or POS machines. The transaction can then be terminated or completed by the client on his or her mobile phone through Ecocash. Many business wish to have an online payment system but do not know how to. A popular and easy option is to use PAYNOW's API. However there are some charges which can be incurred therefore some would prefer getting the EcoCash API directly from econet. How do you get the API?

 We did not get an official statement from Econet but from digging up online we managed to find the Ecocash API on github. Someone uploaded it recently. We analyzed the code and found out that to get your hands on the API you simply have to apply to be an online merchant and once you are approved you get the API documentation and password integrate the system with your website. The API on github is written in Ruby but we believe that it can be available in PHP. We analyzed code from a web which has an online payment system a…

A guide to using Facebook effectively

After deleting my Facebook account a few months ago, I recently decided to give the app a second chance. I wanted to create a page to market some of my products. Having run adverts successfully before on the platform, I wondered if Facebook will ever allow business to create pages without personal profiles.
I have faith in their platform when it comes to reaching out to clients. Since one can not create a page without a Facebook profile, i was forced to create an account. After creating the account I then discovered that the app is actually interesting than I thought before. One has to know how to use the app in their daily life. The app has a lot of features. Don't wait for your feed or timeline only to receive posts. Tap or click the menu and explore. There are a lot of interesting topics. One can search for vacancies by clicking the job button. Nearby events can also showup as well as trending videos. The market place is also fascinating. Facebook has evolved into a news aggreg…

Salary Grades of Domestic Workers in Zimbabwe

We are running a media campaign awareness on the minimum remuneration domestic workers should be getting. Below is a chart which was extracted from a brochure by ILO. It shows the grades and minimum wages of domestic workers in Zimbabwe. Salary grades of domestic workers in Zimbabwe. — DigUp 🇿​🇼​ (@digupzw) March 23, 2019
DigUp is also conducting workshops  for maids which also covers the topic on salary and job contracts. The aim is to empower domestic workers in order for them to discharge their duties professionally.

 Among the topics to be delivered is the issue of etiquette and also home security. A certificate of attendance shall be issued for attendees. It is a 4 day workshop. Employees and those who would like to work as domestic workers are encouraged to attend.

Our best video streaming app

YouTube is the home of many viral videos and is easy to monetize its channels. However for bloggers who like to post sensitive material which are NSFW they are left with no choice but to find alternative platforms which have less strict rules on censorship.

Our best app for our video content for this blog and our tutorials is Vimeo. It is easy to use and videos do not take time to upload.  For paid content the videos can be password protected. Check out our channel now to enjoy the best in media.

Must Have Apps For Music Lovers

Apple Music is the best app to have if you want to keep up with trending music. I tried the app and my mind was blown away. Before using the app I resorted to The Billboard Top 100. However the experience is different on a mobile app. Apple Music came to my rescue as i get to listen to music from the app as well as also have an opportunity to check the music charts locally and internationally. I can create a playlist which i can share on my social app profiles. This is a cool feature as it helps those I interact with in life to know my preferences when it comes to music.

Apple Inc is serious about music products. They also have one of my favourite apps for detecting a song playing as well as for displaying the lyrics if they are available. The app is called Shazam. It is mind blowing. If you ever come across a lovely song playing maybe in a public place and wondered what the name of the song is, just shazam and let the magic happen.

Best Dating Apps in Zimbabwe

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps. However it is used mostly in upmarket suburbs and it is not useful in some areas, especially the ghetto. 

Jaumo is best for those who do not want to reveal their true identity. This is ideal for new people on the dating scene since it helps them build confidence knowing that nobody will ever know their personal details like email or phone number. However this can be taken advantage of by people with sinister intentions. Women especially end up falling prey to men with evil intentions. 

Badoo is our favourite. It is trendy just like Tinder and has users across the social divide. What we like the most about Badoo is its face recognition feature. It can verify if the profile picture is really of the person behind the profile. It takes less than 5 minutes to get verified. To avoid scammers and those who are into cat phishing, users should chat with other verified users. Badoo verifies from the profile picture up to the email and phone number. L…

Update Your Old Android Phone

This article is for those who are using android  5 and below. You can get new features on your phone by downloading a few apps developed by non other than Google itself which is the developer of the android software.

Improve your messages functionality and aesthetic look by downloading messages app from playstore. After installing the app you will feel the difference, copying and forwarding messages will nolonger be pain stacking. You can also benefit by gaining access to your messages online. The setup for getting sms online is simple, all you have to do is scan a QR code just like WhatsApp web.

Your home screen is another area which needs to be spruced up. Download and install the Google Now Launcher and get the new look of higher android versions. Simplicity and increase in productivity is what you tend to gain by updating to the Google Now Launcher.

The keyboard is one of the areas which needs updating. Newer versions of android come with feature rich keyboards. To catch-up you can i…