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Translating text on WhatsApp is now easier

Any communication channel has barriers which can affect it. Language can be one of them, however this should no longer be the case nowadays especially on social media platforms. In this post I will show you how to translate text in WhatsApp.
Using the WhatsApp Translator

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This is how you should be recording phone calls

How does it feel to know that your call is being recorded? Most people hate to have their calls recorded. However, there are some instances where by call recording is necessary. A verbal agreement for example, might one day be needed to be proven in court. If you have ever taken instructions from the boss over the phone you know that the fear of failing to completely follow all the instructions can actually make you forget some of the instructions. A recorded call can come in handy in such scenarios. So how should you record calls automatically?
The above video will help you set up call recording in a few seconds. In case you can not play the video then here are the steps you should take: 1. Go to the phone app  2. Click the menu button, usually three vertical dots on.
3. Select settings.
4. Choose call recording.
5. Turn it on.

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Recent Work

The following is a gallery of some of the pictures I took recently. My high resolution photos can be downloaded for free on Pexels or on Unsplash. If there is a particular image you want from this blog which is not available on Pexels or Unsplash get in touch with me via Email.


Water shortages in Plumtree

Plumtree, a town in Zimbabwe near the Botswana border has gone for a week without water. People are fetching water for household use from puddles of water.

The situation poses a health risk to the Plumtree residents. Electricity cut outs sometimes causes the water shortages and there have also been reports of people in the nearby rural areas who temper with the water pipes to provide water to their cattle and other domestic animals.

My First Smartwatch

I had always wanted to own a smartwatch but the exorbitant prices deterred me. The idea of pairing a smart watch with my phone thrilled me. I finally got my first smart watch as a freebie when I bought an Ilife tablet which was on promotion in Francistown, Botswana. 

The Ilife Zed smartwatch looks like any ordinary digital watch. It has a USB-C port and a lion rechargeable battery. It also has a slot for a micro SIM card and supports an SD card of up to 32GB. It functions basically like most feature phones on the market except that it does not have a camera. One thing that I enjoyed using was the pedometer. It counts the number of steps taken per day and even converts it to distance in kilometers. When the smart watch is pair to a phone with a FunRun app installed, it downloads all the data to the phone. This is a great feature for those who run or do brisk walking to keep fit. I found making or answering a phone call awkward but it comes in handy when your phone's battery dies…

How I managed to have AdSense activated on my blog

It is every bloggers dream to earn revenue from their content. However, not everyone succeeds as It involves a lot of hard work and commitment on the part of the content creator. My journey into getting adverts to start displaying on my blog was not an easy one. When I started blogging I thought getting a lot of visitors on the site was a bed of roses following my success on running a page on Facebook. I ventured into blogging having high hopes,  but things do not always go as planned. I had to close my blog and go back to the drawing board. It was a futile attempt and I became frustrated. Let me take you back to the days when I started writing online. Early Days
It all started with creating a Facebook page. My personal account had only a few followers and even if my followers had decided to like my page it would not have made any impact, it was a drop in the ocean. I decided to advertise my page and guess what? The response was amazing! In less than a week I had slightly over a thou…

The Role of a Web Designer in Web Development

Quite often , when we talk of web development we tend to forget about web design. This is a very important subject. For a website to look splendid and to have useful features, it all starts with a creative designer. I urge anybody trying to get in the field of web development to also consider web design. Let me elaborate on the steps that a website goes through when in development. A web designer, someone with graphic design skills, creates a brand- if it was not yet created. A brand means a logo, colours and fonts associated with a business. These must resonate with everything related to the company. It is the job of the web designer to choose what colours to use and the fonts as well as come up with a logo for inclusion on the website. The web designer does not necessarily need to know HTML or CSS although it will be an advantage. After deciding on the resources needed for the web pages, the designer creates a layout of the web pages and comes up with an illustration called a wire…

Why I Chose Multimedia Technology Over Software Engeering

As a blogger I always strive to give my best when it comes to content creation. The decision to start blogging was easy for me, however, choosing between software engineering and multimedia technology was tough. So what helped me in the decision making process?
When I started blogging in 2016 I was not immediately successful. I tried to replicate my success on a Facebook page I was running on my blog but in vain. I could not drive traffic from the Facebook page to the website despite the huge following I enjoyed. I was frustrated and decided to only focus on my career as a web developer and an Android mobile application developer.
The previous year I had taken a course in photojournalism at a reputable school of journalism, but since at that time I only had a point and shoot camera I could not spend enough time taking photographs to be taken seriously. It was not the first time to embark on something that seemed to be not in line with my passion as computer programmer, I once tried …

How Important is Yandex to A Digital Marketer?

I have come up with an argument and I would like the reader to consider whether it is valid or not.  Here is the argument: If it is a a major search engine then I should submit a site map using the search engine's webmaster tools.  Yandex is a major search engine. Therefore I submitted a site map. Is the argument valid?

If you are a digital marketer I would like to hear your answer. The above argument can be validated using mathematical predicate logic and truth tables. However not all digital marketers are mathematicians therefore I have come up with reasons why Yandex is worth considering in an SEO strategy. Let me first define what a search engine is so as to rope in digital marketing newbies in the conversation.

Search engines are web application which use software programs called crawlers or bots search the internet and gather information. The information which the crawlers collect is then stored in a database base which is referred to as and Index. If a page is indexed it …

Which Desktop Browser Will Dominate in 2020?

In 1991 Tim Berners-Lee introduced the hyper text trasfer protocol which is one of the best things that ever happened in the information technology and communication sphere. This led to the development of the Mosaic web browser and finally Netscape browser was born. Netscape's creation is believed by most people to have led to the internet explosion which occurred between 1997 and 2000. Around1993 when Netscape was introduced, it dominated the market until it was overtaken by Internet Explorer. That was the early history of browser's but today we still see some stiff competition among companies which develop web browsers. Some people think that whoever dominates the browser market will dominate the internet. How true is that, and who will dominate in 2020? Chrome is in my humble opinion still holding the crown in 2019 on the web browser wars, but will that streak continue in the next year? Chrome is a favourite among web developers like myself and true to the notion that whoe…

Information Technology Basics

What is Information Technology?
It is the use or study of all the technology involved in collecting, storing , sharing and retrieval of data or information. It has three main components which are the computer, computer network and know-how. I shall first look at computers in detail.Computers are composed of hardware and software. There are five categories of computers but they generally have the same features. The classifications of computers are, Mainframe, Supercomputer, workstation, minicomputer and microcomputer.Hardware
The physical components of the computer. There is basically the system unit and peripheral components which are devices connected to the system unit. The peripheral devices are classified as either output or in put devices, though some can be both like a hard drive, a monitor with a touch screen or a printer with a scanner. Output devices
The most common output devices are  monitor, speakers and printer and hard drive.Input devices
The commonly used input devices …

C Program To Check If a String is a Palindrome

A C program to check if a string is a palindrome or not.
It uses the strcmp() function to compare the strings, therefore, you must include the string.h preprocessor link.

Egyptian Binary

The Egyptian Binary is a method to calculate the product of two numbers by mainly using addition.
The following is the algorithm

1.0  Start
2.0  Get a,b and sum
3.0  While a>=1

        3.1.0  If a%2>0

                 3.1.1 Start_If
                 3.1.2 sum=sum+b;
                 3.1.3 End_If

        3.2  a /=2;
             b +=b;

4.0 Display sum
5.0 End

The following is the source code for the C Program.

C Program To Check Whether a Given Number is Prime

(c)       Write a C program that will check whether a given number is prime number or not.  You may find the hint below useful. 

Definition of prime number:
It is a natural number greater than one and has not any other divisors except 1 and itself. In other words, we can say which has only two divisors 1 and the number itself.
For example, 5 its divisors are 1 and 5. Note: 2 is the only even prime number.
hint The logic for prime number
Take a loop and divide the number from 2 to number. If the number is not divisible by any of the numbers then print it as a prime number.       [10]

C Program To Calculate Water Bill

1.You need to show how to calculate the charges for using water for a particular month that is provided by the Water Utility Company. Charges are calculated based on this information: •    Outstanding payment amount •    Previous meter reading •    Current meter reading Payment rates are given as: 0 - 15 m3                      :     $0.42 per m3,

15.1 - 40 m3:     $0.65 per m3, 40.1 m3 and above      :     $1.05 per m3  with a minimum payment of $5.00 (a)    State the input and output of this problem. [2] (b)    State the formula involved.[2] (c)     Give a detailed algorithm for this problem.[6] (d) Write a program that will implement your algorithm[10]
Source Code

Continue and Break Statements in C

The following code snippet shows how 'continue' and 'break' statements affect a loop.

The output is as follows:

pi is 3.140000 
 printing will end at 4 and x is now 6 
printing will end at 4 and x is now 5 
printing will end at 4 and x is now 4 
x (3)is now less than PI and program stops at x=0 
x (2)is now less than PI and program stops at x=0 
x (1)is now less than PI and program stops at x=0 
x (0)is now less than PI and program stops at x=0 

How to Get Digital Marketers to Try Out a New Tool

Digital Marketers are everywhere online. There are, however, many ways in which you can easily get their attention and ultimately get them to try a new marketing tool. I will mention only three ways in the following paragraphs.
Already there are some tools which are common among digital marketers, for example, analytic tools like google analytics, social media management tools like Hootsuite, survey tools and SEO tools etc. You need to know more about these tools, especially the most prominent ones.
Once you know about the tools you then have to follow the companies which provide those tools on social media so that you can post comments which are helpful and eventually you will be able to grab the attention of digital marketers as long as your contributions are not spammy.
The other way is to aggressively market your tool on your blog or on social media. Get some testimonials from those digital marketers who have a large following. Word of mouth is powerful.
You can also create a co…

Three Ways of Toping Up Your NetOne Number

There are several reasons why you would want to top up your OneWallet. You can sell airtime to others albeit at a very small profit. At the time of writing this article, internet bundles from NetOne are comparably cheaper than bundles from other ISPs. The bundles seem to last longer and the connection is faster too. Now, with all such reasons it is not surprising to find someone desperately trying to find ways to recharge their account. There are three ways which you can do that and the prices are almost the same for two of the methods while the other one is free.Mobile Banking Airtime Top Up
This method is free when you are a ZB Bank account holder and you have registered for mobile banking. I am sure most banks offer the same service but you can only top up the mobile number associated with your account. ZB Bank can top up any  number from our local Zimbabwean MNOs. However, service is not always available and therefore one has to use other methods.Bank to OneWallet
Most banks offe…

Skills you Need To Become a Successful Blogger

It is not easy to start blogging and earn a living out of it without first mastering some skills. In this article, I will list the three main skills you should possess if you are to become a successful blogger.

1.0 Web Development 
This might sound weird and some people might not agree with me but to avoid frustration and to save money or just to appreciate some services that are available, you need to learn web development. A strong reason, of course, is to save you money, however, there are some free platforms for blogging like Blogger and Wordpress which you can use as a beginner. As you gain traction you might need to migrate to paid platforms where you pay for web hosting as well as templates for your site. This increases your chances of monetizing your content.

2.0 Writing Skills
This is a must-have skill, writing is the essence of blogging. Practise writing so that you can increase traffic to your website and this will also have a positive impact on Search Engine Optimisation (…

How To Upload Files To A Text Area In MyVista

*updated To use embedded files in a text area follow these steps:

 Go to the text area by clicking an assignment submission link.

Click the file icon and upload a file.

To use the file you need to get its URL or link then paste the link in the text area. Many people fail to do this due to the link buttons being grayed out. There are two methods to overcome this problem. The new updated and simple method is to highlight any text in the text area and voila! The link will be now available. 

 The other but difficult method by embedding the file using HTML as shown below.

Before  you can use the above HTML editor ,as in the previous method, first go to the file you uploaded and right click your mouse or long click on the file to copy its link.

Return  to the HTML editor and put an anchor tag which is an HTML expression which embeds a link to an online resource (like your file), as shown below. Simply copy the expression but replace (copied_link) with the actual link you copied and Name …

C Programming - file manipulation

Access Modes
“r” File is opened for reading only, does not create a file.
“w” File is opened for writing only (start from the beginning of the file, wipes any stored data)
“a” File is opened for appending only (start from the end of the file without deleting anything)
“r+” File is opened for reading plus (read and insert (overwrite) starting from the beginning of the file, can not create a new file)
“w+” File is opened for writing (create, read and write, wipes any stored data)
“a+” File is opened for appending (read the whole file or writing at the end

Structure of a C Program

A C Program has the following sections;

Documentation: This is where the name of the writer is placed as well as a description of the program.
Preprocessor/Link: This is where C libraries are called so that certain functions are able to work in the program.
Global declaration: The functions and global variables, those variables which should be available to all statements in the program are placed under this section.
Definitions: Constants are defined in this section. The declaration is not a statement and therefore should not be terminated by a semicolon. Capital letters are used to represent a constant.
Main Function: Program execution begins in the main function.
Sub Programs: These are user-defined functions
Local Variables: These are variables declared in a function and only that function can access the variable.

Below is sample code demonstrating recursion as well as showing the full structure of a C Program.

C Program to Arrange Numbers in Ascending Order

The following is the source code for a c program which arranges numbers in ascending order.

 The integer n is for capturing the value of arryA[j] before swapping the numbers. Failure to capture that number before its value changes will result in all numbers defaulting to the maximum or lowest number in the list depending on the condition stated in the if statement.

Ways of Increasing Traffic to Your Website

Organic Traffic
First and foremost, your site should be indexed by search engines so that it can start appearing on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). For your site to be quickly indexed you need to submit a site map to each of the major Search Engines like Google, Binge and Yandex. Do not worry about Yahoo as it is a meta search engine which means that it uses other search engines to provide search results. Yahoo has its own website crawlers but it supplements that with the Binge search engine. Therefore submitting a site map to Binge will make your website to also appear on Yahoo SERP. Referrals
Create and curate content for social media which can grow your brand as well drive traffic to your website. You need a social media strategy in order to be effective. This might include a Social Media Management tool and a buyer persona. The first one will help you schedule posts and the latter guides you in posting content which is relevant to your audience. You can also create back links …

Top 20 essential websites in Zimbabwe

There are quite a number of websites with valuable content for users. I have compiled a list of the websites in this article. This is where most Zimbabweans get job alerts. Some users are in WhatsApp groups which are run by administrators of the site. This is a website designed for high school students. It has past exam papers and notes for most subjects. The site is promising to be the best among educational portals in Zimbabwe. The content is currently available for free. The creator of the content is an accountant by profession and therefore is not surprising to find that commercial subjects are updated first. The Zimbabwean Wikipedia. It is great for using as a research platform when writing articles. It is quite a great initiative and is an example of how people are now using technology to provide solutions to local problems. This is a great platform for local arts news. The site received an award in the bloggin…

Who is your real enemy?

Some people need to make enemies  first before they can work towards thier success in life. In other words when they become successful it would be because they worked hard in a bid to spite someone. Is that philosophy necessary? If you look into such people's stories you are likely to see that their real enemies were not the people they thought they were fighting against but something else like a low self esteem or poverty. This article helps you to know who your real enemy is.
Consider a child growing up in a poor family. The parents might be frugal in order to make ends meet. Therefore if the child requests for something that might be deemed by the parents as not a priority he or she is likely not to get it. Some children who have faith in their parents will understand  the situation and resolve to  work hard so that when they grow up they will be able to provide everything for themselves as well as their parents. There are some undiscerning  children who would consider they pa…

Propositions and Predicates

Predicate Logic (True or False) Select A Predicate Below

E(x, y) X(a, b, c)

A proposition is a statement which is either true or false but not both. A predicate is  a statement containing a variable. This means that for some values of the variable it is true while false for some values.

Google Drive Direct Link Generator

Google Drive Direct Link Generator


Do you have any files on Google Drive that you would like to share with others so that they can easily download them? We all know that if you share a file from Google Drive the person you send the link to can not directly download the file. The file first opens in Google Drive before and then one has to click on the option to download. Follow the instructions below on how to make any file saved on Google Drive downloadable by just clicking on a link.


Step 1 You must have a file saved on Google Drive. If you do not have it yet then upload a file to Google Drive.

Step 2 Click on the file you have uploaded on Google drive and turn on link sharing.

Step 3 Now edit permissions on the link sharing so anyone with the link can view.

Step 4 Now go on to the file and click. An option to copy the file's link will appear. Copy the link.

Step 5 Now go and paste the link into the above link generator and click the generate button.

A new l…