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How Econet helped shape my career

I can code in several languages though I specialize in full stack web development thanks to Econet Zimbabwe.

During the  days when I started writing code in early 2014 I visited the Econet Zimbabwe website and found that they had some zero rated websites. This meant that, as an econet subscriber, I could access some sites for free without the need to buy any internet bundles.

The zero rated content was arranged into different categories and I headed to the education section where I started reading articles on coding. I enjoyed the tutorials titled "Learn Python The Hard Way". I followed most if not all the instructions on a PC I had assembled by myself. I became proficient in coding in Python.

My relationship with econet did not end in learning to code from zero rated content. In 2016 while attending a course in photojournalism I met a guy who was interested with my achievements in coding, by then I had already become a Google developer and I had published an app in the Play…
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Is it possible to get AdSense approval on Blogger?

I used to think it was impossible for a Blogger user to get AdSense approval until I came across a blog which displayed adverts from Google Ad display network. It was also a local , Zimbabwean, website and I was mesmerized. I learnt a lot from this blog and I would like to share with you my findings how to get AdSense approval on Blogger. Unique Content
You must come up with original and unique content.Helpful Content
Visitors to your website should be able find your content helpful. You should write as much as you can on the topic you are exploring so that people can find your article  beneficial and worth reading up to the end.If you require the link to the site so that you can take a leaf from them simply sent a request via email to us.

Which app is best for 360 degree photos?

The street view app by Google is superb for creating 360 degree photos. However the app is incompatible with a lot of devices we tested and is not available for old versions of Android. The next best option is the Panorama 360 or simply P360 app for Android. It is not easy to use at first but once you get the hang of it you can easily master the creation of 360 degree photos or panoramas. We found that in order to shoot with ease you need to have adequate light, it must not be harsh or dim. It takes about eight shots to create a 360 degree photo. The app is great at seamlessly stitching the photos together. I look forward to reviewing the Google Street view app myself once I get a compatible device.

Social WiFi marketing

Social WiFi marketing and beacons are touch points which a business can use as part of its growth hacking strategy. WiFi marketing is the easiest option so far in Zimbabwe. We shall update this article soon.

Stewies Store mobile app is an online store where you can buy electrical gadgets and phone accessories. The site have taken a further step in developing a mobile app.

The owner of the store is also in the process of setting up a brick and mortar store. The physical location of the store shall be Plumtree, a town near the border between Zimbabwe and Botswana. In the meantime online shoppers can download the Android mobile app here.

Why you should install a second web browser on your phone

If you are a web developer who writes code on the go, avoid frustration by installing a second website for testing your websites. Why this is important comes from the fact that web browsers , inorder to save data and to improve user experience, tend to show you a cached copy of the website. Therefore if you had made changes to a website you might not see them. The cache is very important on mobile devices since we need to access some sights with ease, therefore clearing the cache can cost us dearly. To avoid such situations were you have to make some sacrifices , simply install a second browser.There are also cases were we keep logged on with our accounts but need to access some sites without giving out our identity. Again a second browser will come to your rescue.

Free web hosting for all types of users.

Hostinger offers Free web hosting which supports back end integration. It is better than blogger and WordPress when it comes to web development.Ideal for developers to horn their skills.
Great for hosting a project for inclusion in a portfolio.They have two solutions. First one is 000webhost. You can check out my sample site. other one is paid hosting. Very cheap although control panel is not user friendly.

You can turn your computer's monitor into a Tv

All you need is what is called a TV tuner. The device is available in Zimbabwe for a few dollars. To be continued....