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Avoiding data loss when importing XML document into Microsoft Access

XML offers a brilliant way of storing and transporting data. Given an XML document, you can easily import data into Microsoft Access. However, depending on the structure of your xml file all or some of your data maybe imported. This article will show you how to create an XML document which can be imported into Microsoft Access without any loss of data.

Micross Access requires XML files which are element-centric rather than attribute-centric. Access also recognizes one root in a document, therefore avoid structuring your XML in such a way that there is deep nesting.

Access also enforces integrity. It ensures that no duplicate data is stored. To avoid data loss when importing data into existing fields of a table make sure that you indicate the primary key of your tables except for weak entities. For those tables with no unique fields , you can use two fields to form a composite key.

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A chance to become a social media influencer

Each time a new social media app is released, you get an opportunity to become an influencer on that platform. How is that so? By creating a profile earlier than most people, you get a chance to grab the best username as well as to gain a huge following.

That opportunity is beckoning right now. The platform which is trending now is Tik Tok. It was launched on 14 September 2015 and has to date been downloaded over 500 million times. It has currently the same number of users as Twitter and it is continuing to grow.

In Zimbabwe most social media influencers are not yet on Tik Tok. I only noticed John Coles profile. This is the right moment to become famous and capitalize on the fame.

Computer Studies O'level Revision Questions with Answers

1 Memory that is called a read write memory is
D Registers.
2 Hard discs, fixed head discs, floppy discs and optical discs all are types of
A serial access storage.
B direct access storage.
C volatile access storage.
D non-volatile access storage.
Non-volatile access storage
3 All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risks except
A viruses.
B hackers.
C spam.
D identity theft.
4 A company provides its users with a private network that can be accessed from all its
offices worldwide. This network is called
A a LAN.
B a Man.
C an Intranet.
D a WAN.
An intranet
5 Software which control general operations of a computer system is classified as
A dump programs.
B function system.
C operating system.
D enquiry system.
Operating system
6 A small network that does not have a server is called
A peer-to-peer network.
B a ring network.
C a star network .
D a bus.
Peer-to-peer network
7 Line printer, voice synthesizer and computer terminal …

Zimsec Combined Science Revision Questions with Answers

This is an interactive revision session. It is a sample of the combined science paper 1 issued by Zimsec in 2018.
1 Which instrument is most suitable for observing specialised cells?
A microscope
B telescope
C bioviewer
D magnifying lens microscope

2 The diagram shows a specialised cell.
What is the name of the cell?
A muscle cell
B palisade cell
C root hair cell
D red blood cell
3 Which adaptation of a leaf does not increase the rate of photosynthesis?
A air spaces
B thick cuticle
C numerous stomata
D large surface area
4 Which atmospheric condition reduces the rate of water uptake in plants?
A high humidity
B high wind speed
C high temperature
D high light intensity
high humidity 5 A wind pollinated flower
A has short filaments.
B has large petals.
C has numerous pollen grains.
D produces nectar.
6 Ebola is caused by a
A bacterium.
B fungus.
C protozoan.
D virus.
virus 7 Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to
A emphysema.
B hallucinations.
C lung ca…

Pasa| Study for your O'Level Exams and Pass Online

Pasa is a studious app which is available as a web app at for now and will soon be launched as an Android app.
Pasa is derived from the word pass. The startup is a brain child of a Zimbabwean multimedia technology student. Checkout the sample o'level  science revision questions below.  For more subjects- maths, physics and chemistry- visit O'level MPC


1. What waste product of respiration causes muscle tiredness?
Carbon dioxide
Lactic acid
Lactic Acid 2. Which of diffusion, osmosis or active transport requires energy?
Active transport
Active transport 3. Which food type provides most of our energy?
Carbohydrates 4. The aorta is one of the blood vessels carrying blood away from the heart. Is it an artery or vein?
Artery 5. Which of the following is an enzyme?
Hydrochloric acid
Protease Submit

To access a complete combined science sample question paper (40 ques…